Takashi is the best sushi there is in Salt Lake City. There’s a reason they are packed from open to close every day and there’s a reason why they don’t take reservations. If you choose to dine here you can plan on 100% fresh and delicious sushi in a vibrant modern setting with excellent service.

We have been a couple of times recently, blown away both times (again) by the quality and overall experience.

Among several dishes, we have enjoyed their calamari, gyoza (steamed not fried, thank goodness), and miso soup for starters.

My personal favorite menu items are the nigiri sampler (see photo above), the crunchy ebi roll (tempura shrimp with tobiko), and the sunshine roll (salmon and thin lemon slices). All WONDERFUL. If you have room for dessert *be sure* to order their house made panna cotta. I have now tried this twice at Takashi and have found no other panna cotta that rivals this one!   Takashi
18 West Market Street
Salt Lake City, UT

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