Female Foodie DC: TaKoreanFemale Foodie DC: TaKoreanTaKorean was founded out of a 1985 Ford step van converted food truck by founder and CEO Michael Lenard in August 2010. Washingtonians immediately fell in love with the food and since then, TaKorean has expanded to one brick-and-mortar location and two high-end food court spots. Lenard’s goal is to provide healthy, well-balanced meals at a reasonable price through Korean BBQ tacos. This progressive concept brings together the best Korean and Mexican flavors into one eco-friendly bowl. This past week, I visited their brick-and-mortar shop at The Yards by the Nationals Ballpark.

Female Foodie DC: TaKoreanFemale Foodie DC: TaKoreanAt TaKorean, you can choose your base, protein, toppings and extras. Foodies rave about the proteins and slaws, cooked and mixed with all the sweet and spicy flavors of traditional Korean food. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choices, be brave and ask the server for the TaKorean flavor recommendations! They have perfect combinations ready for you to try. I tried three soft corn tacos with three different meat + slaw option, and topped my tacos with lime crema, Korean-style salsa roja, and sesame seeds.


Female Foodie DC: TaKorean  Female Foodie DC: TaKoreanTaco #1: bulgogi (thin sliced all-natural beef marinated in a sweet + spiced soy-based sauce) + kimchi (fresh shredded cabbage marinated with a spiced gochujang dressing). Taco #2: dak galbi (juicy chicken marinated with sweet chili, soybean paste, ginger + soy) + romaine slaw (shredded letture + cabbage dressed with a mild rice vinegar + sesame oil vinaigrette). Taco #3: bo ssam (semi-cured pork shoulder, slow roasted + finished with ssamjang sauce) + spiced kale (shredded kale with purple cabbage + carrots tossed with a soy sauce, gochugaru dressing).

Female Foodie DC: TaKoreanFemale Foodie DC: TaKoreanTaKorean at The Yards (91212 4th Street SE, #130, Washington DC)