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For all you fitness gurus, or those of us initiating a mid-year health kick, be sure to pencil in tomorrow morning’s breakfast in San Antonio at Rise Up – the city’s newest take on health-conscious food trucks.

Parked curbside in a neighborhood lot, and kept within a classic 60’s airstream trailer, Rise Up offers locals delicious, organic, vegan brainfood in form of smoothies, juices, and acai/pitaya bowls. Owner John Farnel, an Austin native, moved to San Antonio after dedicating two years towards the development and creation of his unique brand, in order to diversify the city’s food truck scene.

After noticing Rise Up’s instragram-worthy eats over social media, I made the decision to check out the renovated Airstream myself, and discovered that it was only a short five minute drive up Broadway from my apartment (score). I perused the menu after parking close to a wall, which read ‘I love my Spurs’, and sat down at a small table in the lot, anxiously awaiting my Luau bowl.

Initially, I was a bit surprised, as the dish appeared more savory than sweet; however, the Luau proved to be a remarkably well-constructed bowl, with its numerous ingredients perfectly intermingling with every mouthful.

The base was a robust blend of coconut milk, acai fruit, pineapple, mango, and spinach, and when combined with honeyed cucumber, hemp heart, and chia seed toppings, delivered full-bodied flavor.

To balance the greens, I also purchased two juices – the Pineapple Watermelon and Santa Monica, – which yes, did taste as incredible as they sound.

A sweeter choice, the Pineapple Watermelon juice was impeccably pressed, with no pulp and various summertime notes. The Santa Monica though, ended up being my personal favorite, as it perfectly fused red apple, spinach, kale, and lime together. Not to mention, the colors themselves made 8:00AM seem brighter, throwing me into a great mood, and kick starting my Monday morning.

I have since raved to friends about Rise Up, encouraging them to pay the Airstream some well-deserved attention, and have revisited the eatery myself, on multiple occasions to test some of their other items. Some recent favorites include the Cupid bowl – a coconut/strawberry concoction, and the Chocolate bowl – when desert is absolutely okay for breakfast. Be sure to stop by the local business if you need a pick-me-up while in San An, and definitely snap a few photos of their aesthetically gorgeous eats!

Rise Up (2202 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX 78215 // 210.


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  1. just so that you know, nobody calls our city “san an”
    you can say “SA” or “SATX” or “military city” or “countdown city” or “alamo city” or “the 210″…or if you are from here “san anto” but you must say that one with a spanish accent

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