San Antonio: Sushi Seven

One of my favorite things about America is that we get everybody. Every culture, cuisine, language, walk of life….we get to see and share it all. This of course translates to many awesome things including convoluted and awesome food culture possibilities. Sushi Seven is a spot for traditional Japanese with Mexican influences. Chipotle in my sushi roll???? Not prior to coming here. The Menu is packed with familiar Japanese items like teppan yaki, yakimeshi, and nigiri but interjects things like cilantro, chipotle and habanero.

What’s not to love about a sushi tower? This particular one, the James Tower is a cylinder of rice layered with tampico and avocado; topped with tuna, sprinkled with furikake and wasabi cream sauce; then garnished with orange tobiko, black tobiko, wasabi tobiko, habanero masago. (Incase you don’t speak Japanese like me, tobiko and masago are fish eggs.) My most favorite part is to see how beautiful it is and then watch them smash it into what I have affectionately dubbed, sushi casserole. I know, i know….how dare I use those two words in the same sentence BUT it hits me in all the comfort food places a good casserole does while bringing the sushi flavor to town.

I always order way more than I can eat when I have sushi, like it sneaks up on you and all the sudden, you’re full and have 2 rolls left. I wanted to make sure I really overdid it so I also ordered vegetable tempura.

It was crisp, tender, light and the perfect tempura coating clung to the vegetables just like it should. When a place cares enough to get the fickle process of tempura right I gain instant respect for them.

They have no shortage of fun, creative menu items to keep you culinarily entertained for many sushi trips. We will definitely be back when we find ourselves in the Stone Oak area. Happy sushi eating my friends!

Sushi Seven

$$$$ Sushi Bars, Japanese, Mexican

19141 Stone Oak Pkwy #507, San Antonio, TX 78258 210-496-7777

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