Ajuua Mexican Grill in San Antonio, Texas!Ajuua Mexican Grill is a small Mexican restaurant tucked in the end of a strip mall I would have never found if it weren’t for the eyes and ears of awesome friends. And I’ll just get right to the point, this creamy cilantro sauce is one of my most favorite things. In fact they just have stellar fresh creamy sauces all over that menu.

The food is fresh, so well cooked and man alive, it might just solve some of the worlds problems. I mean, if congress could sit around a table with this chicken stuffed poblano smothered in creamy cilantro sauce, I think they’d be able to get a few more things done. Just a suggestion.

Ajuua Mexican Grill in San Antonio, Texas!Ajuua Mexican Grill in San Antonio, Texas!Something I love about most Mexican restaurants in SA are the beans. A lot of the time, you get stewed black beans or charro beans which are more of a flavorful bean soup than a mash. They are a side dish worthy to be on a plate and have great texture and compliment the food really well. Even the salsa and chips were a step above – but you know, I’m always starving when they come out and everything tastes better when you’re hungry 😉

Ajuua Mexican Grill in San Antonio, Texas!Ajuua Mexican Grill in San Antonio, Texas!We’ve eaten at Ajuua Mexican Grill a few times and have yet to be disappointed with anything we order. This plate of slow roasted pork comes with fresh tortillas for you to layer in the onions, cilantro and pork. It is just good! The meat is so tender and flavorful that it sings all on its own.

I’m also a huge fan of their fajita enchilada casserole. If you’re ever having a bad day and want the ultimate comfort food – order that. It’s a bowl filled with layers of fresh corn tortilla, cheese, creamy sauce and beef or chicken. It’s my chicken-and-dumplings-of-Texas kind of comfort food. Ugh….I have dreams about it.

Ajuua Mexican Grill in San Antonio, Texas!I love finding places that serve food that speaks to your emotions. Not in a, I’ve had a bad day and need to eat my feelings, kind of way (although completely acceptable on those rough days), but in the way that makes you feel good to be alive and sharing a meal with someone you care about.

I think that’s the allure of comfort food.

It’s not just the literal thing that keeps our body’s alive, but also makes our souls feel alive.

Ajuua Mexican Grill (11703 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230 // 201.