Barbaro Pizza in San Antonio, Texas!Do you have a place in your town that everyone you know keeps telling you to try??? This was such a place for me. Barbaro is a small, interesting looking joint that feels like it’s been there forever. Their calling card is their stellar sour dough crust pizza but man alive do they have some knock-your-socks-off extras that round out this restaurant to always-in-the-mood-for-it status.

Barbaro Pizza in San Antonio, Texas!Barbaro Pizza in San Antonio, Texas!I really love that their pizza is top notch – creative, fresh and just. plain. good. Nothing outside their pizza game has seemed to thwart the goodness that adorns the rest of the menu. It’s a state of nirvana when a restaurant strikes a perfect balance of having great variety while maintaining exceptional flavor, creativity and high standards of each and every menu item. Especially when you have offerings ranging from taleggio, hash brown, kale, honey pizza to rhubarb tarts to grits carbonara with bacon, green onion, soft egg, black pepper and parmesan.

Barbaro Pizza in San Antonio, Texas!Barbaro Pizza in San Antonio, Texas!Are there too many things in this world that best the crust of a good pizza?? What on earth is it about the chew, char and soft bread inside the crunchy shell?? For the life of me I don’t know but what I do know is that its my favorite thing to take my kids out for great pizza because they never eat the crust (blasphemy!). I will happily eat my 2 slices followed by 5-6 pizza crusts. I think it’s how the universe says, “thanks for being a good mom”. Barbaro takes extra care for the dough of their pizza. They even state on their menu thats its sometimes temperamental nature can lead to a longer wait time – well worth it in my opinion.

Barbaro Pizza in San Antonio, Texas!Having spent many years in the great state of Idaho, where rhubarb might as well be the state plant, I have eaten a lot of it. Usually raw, peeled with salt. It’s crisp, tart, crunchy and can be a bit of an acquired taste when eaten on its own.

Which is why it’s most often found paired with fruit.

It wonderfully cuts the sweetness of desserts. This particular tart had a deliciously buttery shortbread shell, which pleasantly surprised me. The basil ice cream was a great cold and earthy compliment to the sweet, tart, buttery pastry that lasted no longer than 60 seconds on my plate.

Barbaro Pizza in San Antonio, Texas!I have every confidence that all the changing and creative things added to their menu is well worth a try.

The kitchen here certainly has a great deal of talent.

Barbaro (2720 McCullough Ave. San Antonio, Tx. 78212 // 210.320.2261)