Salt Lake City: The Dodo

To be quick, The Dodo is a classic! It’s one that everyone turns to in a time of need – kind of like your best friend! The Dodo is always reliable, always great, always heartwarming, and always satisfying. Whether you’re going on a fancy date or having late night dessert with your friends, the Dodo works for any occasion. It’s classy and upscale, yet fairly priced and low-key.

The Dodo is a staple among my friends and I. It’s one of our favorites; especially for dessert (2 for 1 on Tuesday by the way!!). It made it on our list of 5 Best Slices of Pie in SLC. We’ve graced this place will all types of memories: birthdays, GNO’s, bachelorette parties, group dates, and especially that weekly craving for a slice of the famous tollhouse pie or coconut coffee cake (I’m calling my friends up as we speak).

 The menu is fabulous. The Dodo creates a meal for all types of cravings and tastes. Whether you’re feeling American, Italian, Asian, Mexican, or just want to order dessert like we usually do, their dishes will not disappoint. Because of this fact, it’s hard to choose what to order! Even though I go here monthly, at least, I still have a hard time deciding what to get. Let’s just say that the waiters are very patient with me, yet they do know that I’m always going to order dessert!

For appetizers, the baked cream cheese is super unique and popular – something I’ve never tried before I became a regular here. If you want to witness a beauty, make sure to order the Ahi Medallion. The mix of savory sauce and sweet pineapple make for a fresh and intricate dish.

 When it comes to salad one of the best options is the spinach salad with lemon shrimp!

It’s a spring mix tossed with cranberries, gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts, apples, and grapes- covered with a tangy orange vinaigrette. Delicious, filling, you absolutely need to try this!

Entrees? The smoked turkey sandwich is one of their most popular dishes. I’m not lying or exaggerating when I say this, their BBQ sauce is one of the best. I would put this stuff on anything. What’s even better? I’ll share a little secret, you can get this sandwich in a salad! Order the Dirty Bird Salad and you can thank me later. Make sure to add swiss cheese and avocado to both dishes.

Another favorite sandwich, though they are all very tasty, is the Garden Sandwich with turkey. With sandwiches, you also get a side. I’m always willing to try their soups, simply because I have never been disappointed (no surprise there). One of my favorites, and pictured here, is their Curry Squash Soup – creamy and savory. Other delicious plates are the pulled pork quesadilla and chilled asian chicken pasta.

DESSERT, a.k.a the most important part of this post and life in general. Just as the name, The Dodo, entails the bird’s rarity, the dessert menu is just as uncommon and unique. The Dodo pastry chef handcrafts each dessert everyday to make them fresh as can be; and trust me, you can taste the difference. I’d dare say that these guys create some of my top favorite desserts ever. I promise that they’re all distinctly amazing; you cannot go wrong with whatever dessert you decide to crave that day.  Try one or try them all and I guarantee you’ll still want more. I’ve still yet to try them all, but that’s just more incentive to keep going back! We’ve posted some here, not all, only due to lack of more space. A few of our favorites include the Tollhouse Pie, Caramel Coconut Coffee Cake, Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Pie, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Mousse, and The Banana Cream (ask for a side of caramel sauce).

So, if you do one thing in your dessert-loving life, head over to the Dodo. Their desserts are exquisite and luscious, food is quality and inviting, and the atmosphere is classy and fun. I’ll see you next time for my monthly visit!

The Dodo (1355 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.486.2473)

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