TheMarketLunch-12TheMarketLunch-4The Market Lunch is a mainstay counter-service option in our family.  It’s a short walk from home and there’s a place for the little one to run around with other kids while we eat.  The way the owner chats you up at the cash register and the way your order is shouted to the cook – it’s homey.  Plating isn’t the priority here, but the tastiness of each and every dish is!  We love to go on the weekends because the breakfast menu is broadened to include crab benedict, shrimp and spicy grits, and the famous blueberry buckwheat pancakes rightfully featured by Food Network.  This place has been serving up delicious food to locals since 1978.

TheMarketLunch-8TheMarketLunch-9First off, THE BRICK.  My husband has a hearty appetite and this sammy holds him over until lunch.  The huge roll is soft, lightly toasted and buttered.  It’s topped with house-made sausage, egg, cheese, and fried potatoes.

  No sauces needed.  The seasoning at this place is perfection.
TheMarketLunch-1TheMarketLunch-10Next up, blueberry buckwheat pancakes.  These are by far the best variation of buckwheat pancakes I’ve ever had – and certainly the best in DC.  The blueberries are fresh and tart, offering a great balance to the heartiness added by the buckwheat.  These pancakes look much denser than Market Lunch’s fluffy classic pancake – because they are.

  A majority of customers would agree that the dense BlueBucks are a great thing.  Five stars.  Two thumbs up.  Be sure to get the real maple syrup.
TheMarketLunch-11TheMarketLunch-7Five tips.  First, Market lunch is cash only!  Second, keep in mind that their seafood is superb and fresh – go for it.  Third, feel confident to pop in for lunch!  Try the crab cake sandwich.  Fourth, stop by some of the other vendors in the market – fresh fruits and veggies, meats, cheeses, even flowers!  Lastly, don’t let the long weekend line deter you; it moves quickly and the food comes out fast.

TheMarketLunch-2TheMarketLunch-3The Market Lunch (225 7th Street SE, Washington, DC // 202.547.8444)