Santa Barbara Dining: The Natural Cafe Santa Barbara Dining: The Natural CafeHave you ever been to a restaurant where you order something different off the menu every time because you know they won’t disappoint you? The Natural is one of those places. I can’t say I’ve ever ordered the same thing twice from here because there are soo many good looking things on their menu and I want to try them all!

Santa Barbara Dining: The Natural Cafe On my most recent trip to Santa Barbara, I visited their State Street location and ordered their Pasta Primavera, which was their pasta of the day (usually radiatori, love this shape) tossed with roasted vegetables in a light tomato basil cream sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. Ok. This might be my new favorite out of all their offerings that I’ve tried! The pasta sauce was amazing and you can’t go wrong with their included side of garlic bread and a salad. It’s only $10 for this dish, and most of their prices range around $7-$10 with great serving sizes (if not a little too much food)!

Santa Barbara Dining: The Natural Cafe The Natural Cafe is a great option for lunch or dinner in Santa Barbara, and especially great for those with picky appetites. The menu has a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Favorite menu items include their Nachos Grande, Spiritual Spinach Salad, KB’s Grilled Cheese, and S.B. Special Smoothie. The Natural Cafe has a total of 9 locations in California, 3 of which are in Santa Barbara. Good health, and good taste.

Santa Barbara Dining: The Natural Cafe Santa Barbara Dining: The Natural CafeThe Natural Cafe (508 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA // 805.962.9494)

Photos & Writing: Amanda Proudfit
Southern California Female Foodie