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Nothing has ever gotten me out of bed quicker than knowing that I was trying out the new rave, The Protein Foundry. I had been looking forward to this for weeks and couldn’t have been more anxious and excited! From the wood panelled walls to the huge list of healthy food possibilities, I knew that I had already found a new love. 

My favorite part about The Protein Foundry was meeting Jared and Lorin, the creators and owners.  Each having a common career background and belief that the simple “protein powder and water” drink wasn’t doing justice, these business partners both decided to leave their consulting jobs and open up a delicious, healthy eating joint. Their genuine and positive vibes radiate through their atmosphere and food. They are some of the kindest, most awesome people you will ever meet!

Things you should order at TPF: everything. You think I’m kidding. I’m on a mission to try everything there and I have yet to be disappointed. For the sake of not making this post a mile long, I’ll cut it short. Bowls? The Rio Acai Bowl or Mana Pitaya Bowl (the bright pink bowls made of tropical fruits) are great for the fruit kicks and they’re topped with the greatest granola known to man. My go-to is always the Greek Yogurt Shakeout Bowl (my creation: plain greek yogurt, berry puree, almond butter, honey, flaxseeds, and whey protein); simple, yet tummy satisfying. 

Toasts? (Which they have mastered by the way), are all incredible and beautiful! the Cali and Salty Roma are for the savory lovers, while the Monkey Business & Red Rocks Toast satisfy that sweet tooth – but still both amazing healthy and complimentary! Try them all – please; you will be so happy.

I try to make shakes at home and they don’t even level up nearly as close to these delectable things. Favorites: Almond Cirque, Cinna-bomb, and the Elevate Shakeout. How you can taste every single ingredient and still keep it creamy and tasty, I will never know. 

So get excited and run over there – honestly do it – it’ll be one of the best after-workout-meals ever. Whether you want to start your morning off right or have a bite after a workout, The Protein Foundry is worth your while. Thank you, Protein Foundry- we’ll be back soon!

 The Protein Foundry (6909 South 1300 East, Cottonwood Heights // 801.676.9573)

Photos & Writing: Kate Moss
SLC Female Foodie
Instagram: @mosslyn

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