Lake Tahoe: The Red Hut CafèSo back to my realtor friend I was telling you about that I met on day one. The topic of breakfast came up and she asked me what I liked. Ma and Pa joint? Healthy? Greasy spoon? I told her all of the above. She sent me to Red Hut for a good, buttery, delicious hot breakfast.

But not just any Red Hut (they have a handful of locations), the one on Kingsbury on the Nevada side of Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe: The Red Hut Cafè Loooooved the cozy ambiance. I went at a less crowded hour so I could spread out, read my book, and take my time (guilt free).

You can tell by the look on locals’ faces that they simply love coming here.

Lake Tahoe: The Red Hut CafèHow’s that for a flapjack?? These buttermilk pancakes are nothing crazy off the wall, just a stack of classic, fluffy, delicious hot pancakes. I smothered them in butter and ate every last bite.

Bacon was perfect and crispy with the token side of soft scrambled eggs. A great n0-frills breakfast cafè for next time you’re in town. 

Lake Tahoe: The Red Hut CafèRed Hut Cafè (229 Kingsbury Grade Road, South Lake Tahoe // 775.588.7488)