Santa Fe: The Shake Foundation

It became pretty apparent to us after being in Santa Fe (well just New Mexico in general) for a few hours that green chile is a big deal around these parts. There were entire refrigerators at the grocery store dedicated to it! We’d seen The Shake Foundation across the way from Modern General earlier in the day, and after looking it up decided it’d be worth checking out for lunch. The vibe is high quality fast food, everything is made to order, and their burgers are made with all-natural sirloin and brisket meat and served on a lightly toasted buttered bun.

We ordered a Junior Foundation Green Chile Cheeseburger (single patty) and a Portobello Mushroom Burger, an order of Hand-cut Shoestring Fries, and the Shake Caesar Salad. We really wanted to try one of their famous Adobe Mud Shakes (made with Taos Cow ice cream), but had just bought a dozen donuts from Whoos Donuts down the street, so next time!

The Cheeseburger comes with Jack Cheese, and the combination of that with the green chile makes it spicy and oh so good. The portobello mushroom burger was blowing my mind, the mushroom comes stuffed with muenster cheese, breaded and fried, definitely the best mushroom burger I’ve ever had! I never knew I’d have to go to Santa Fe to get my mushroom burger fix.

  The fries were thin & crispy, shoestring fries are my favorite and they didn’t last long in front of us. The Caesar salad comes out as a cup with dressing on the bottom, stuffed with romaine lettuce- I’d never seen salad served this way before but we kinda liked it! Definitely made it easier to share, and if we were taking it to go I could definitely see the advantage in the convenience. If you’re in Santa Fe and wanting to complete your experience there with a Green Chile Cheeseburger, definitely stop by the Shake Foundation!

Hours are Monday – Thursday 11-7, Friday and Saturday 11-8, and Sunday 11-6.

The Shake Foundation // 631 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM // (505) 988-8992

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