The Silvertip Restaurant.  
Walked past this fun spot during a day trip to Gardiner, Montana.
(Just outside Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park)
Super friendly employees.
Came off as the earth-loving backpacking types.
This mural is more than likely their interpretation of themselves.
Yummy spot for slow-cooked pork tacos. These definitely hit the spot. And filling (left behind number three).
[Make this at home.]

Loved the decor and colors.
Meet my best friend, Gauc.  This was without question the best part of the meal.  Crunchy onions, a little bit of cilantro, and chunky avocado.  Could have thrown some tomato in there for the PERFECT guacamole.  Because everything’s better with tomato.

And of course had to end on the sweet note.  
Today’s choice: Graham Slam Wisconsin ice cream.
Chocolate-covered graham cracker bits in a graham cracker ice cream.

The Silvertip
505 Scott Street West
Gardiner, MT 59030
(406) 600-4730