Washington DC: Thomas Sweet

Thomas Sweet has everything you’re looking for and then some in an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Fondly called T. Sweet by locals, Thomas sweet prides itself on serving up some of Washington, DC’s finest homemade ice creams, soft serves, chocolates, and fudges to some of Washington, DC’s finest – including U.S. Presidents and their families.

In the summer months, we make sure to build a T. Sweet stop into every trip to Georgetown. We grab a treat then walk the streets to shop or simply enjoy the weather. During this visit, we asked to test out their most popular flavors (yes, you can taste any flavor without question) and decided on two perfect pairings: 1) one dark chocolate scoop topped with cookie dough bits + one cookie dough scoop inside a circle sprinkle waffle cone (say that fast five times) 2) one chocolate chip scoop + one strawberry scoop inside a sprinkle waffle cone Sundaes and blend-ins (e.g. flurries, blizzards, etc.) are creamy with a serious level of confection. There are so many topping choices and you’ll definitely find one to tame your sweet tooth. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the warm cookie with ice cream in a cup.

Seriously delicious. T. Sweet also serves up pastries, paninis, and more, but I’d save most of my stomach space for dessert. And I’d recommend getting a “regular” size versus the “large” or else you’ll be eating a pint-full of ice cream.

     Thomas Sweet (3214 P Street NW Washington, DC // 202.337.0616)

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