Salt Lake City: GR Kitchen

“Greek food” and “favorite”, for me, are always in the same sentence. I can’t get enough! Maybe it’s because my favorite vacation was to Greece or I’ve always wished I had a bit of Greek blood in me?

I’ll never know. The only thing I know is that Greek food will always call my name. When I heard that a new joint opened up close to my house, I had to be there ASAP. GR Kitchen, thank you for answering my love of your cuisine.

If you’re a fan of the Cafe Rio style restaurant, where you get to pick and choose what goes on your plate, you’ll be a big fan of GR Kitchen. Build your own gyro, bowl, plate, or salad and begin the mouth watering process. I mean honestly, everyone should go there simply to look at how beautiful the plates turn out!

Honestly, if I could eat here everyday, I would.

Pick from an assortment of favorite Greek meats sliced right off the spit: lamb, chicken, house falafel, or pork and top it with any homemade sides and sauces that you desire. They’ve got everything from fresh, daily prepared creamy tzatziki and flavor filled hummus to mediterranean quinoa and pita bread.

Take if from me, your tastebuds will definitely be thanking you. Try one combination and come back to try another – you won’t be disappointed. The choices of sides are different each day, yet are still all satisfying and complimentary.

See you soon GR Kitchen! No honestly, see you this week probably…

GR Kitchen7702 Union Park Ave, Midvale, UT // (801) 352-7406 )

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