Spring Eats 2013

Hey to the two of you that read this blog.
Remember when I made a list of restaurants to try last summer when I moved to Salt Lake?  It’s time to revise that list, seeing that I tried almost all of them!  
Eats for the Spring:
ZY Food, Wine, and Cheese
Eva’s Bakery
Mazza Middle Eastern Cuisine
Royal India (Bountiful)
Plum Alley
Citrus Grill
Cafe Niche
Let’s. Get. Eating.

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  1. Shoko, I read blogs about once every three months. Today was your lucky day for me to read yours! I want to hear about all the restaurants, maybe we can even go to one of them together!!!!

  2. Brooke! I am reading your blog! So out of your list I really want to go to ZY, Mazza, Royal India, Caterina, Plum Alley, and Cafe Niche. But I would be fine with any of them. So you should let me know any time you are going to any of them, and I will let you know when I am going. Deal?

  3. oh look at that now three comments! I like ZY. and Cafe Niche. Where is Plum Alley? Moochies= stinky , lots of garlic. You’ll love it.

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