Southern Utah: Sunglow Restaurant

When I was on a trip to Capitol Reef National Park a few weeks ago, I was adding a new video to my Instagram Story when I got a reply from a friend telling me I had to stop by the nearby town of Bicknell, go to Sunglow Restaurant, and order up a slice of pinto bean pie. The whole thing was very specific and honestly, pinto bean pie did not sound that great to me, but when we were passing through Bicknell on our way back to Salt Lake, we decided to give it a try.

We slid into a booth at the old fashioned, small town restaurant and the server handed us our menus. I had assumed that pinto bean pie was a savory pie and would be an entree, so you can imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find it anywhere until I looked at the dessert menu. Apparently pinto bean pie would be our finisher, so I asked the server for some dinner recommendations and decided to go with the Sante Fe melt and a side of sweet potato tater tots. My friend Melissa ordered the tostada and we shared a basket of chips and salsa while we waited. The Sunglow salsa here was some of the best I’ve ever had – so sweet and addicting!

Of course, we had just come from a full day of hiking and adventuring in Capitol Reef, so we were ravenous when the food arrived, but even if we weren’t, it would have been delicious. I was obsessed with the sweet potato tots – the perfect size and amount of crispiness.

Why don’t more places have those?

The sandwich was piled with slow roasted beef, green chiles, cheddar, and tomatoes and was satisfying in all the right ways.

Finally, the time came for us to order our pie. I was even more nervous about the pinto bean slice now that I knew it was a dessert, but I went with it anyway, while Melissa got Reese’s. It looked innocent enough when it arrived in front of me, sitting on its little plate with a dollop of whipped cream on the side. I took a deep breath, sunk in my fork, and took a bite… and it was divine. I could see the pinto beans in the cross section of the pie, but it only had a tiny taste of beans, if any. Instead, it tasted sweet and yummy and had more than a hint of coconut. I couldn’t get enough and I still can’t wait to go back (and maybe even try their pickle pie next time)!

SunGlow Motel and Family Restaurant

$$$$ Hotels

91 E Main St, Bicknell, UT 84715 435-425-3821

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  1. Our favorite restaurant in or near Torrey, yes much better than the exalted
    Cafe Diablo. Recommend the buttermilk pie, it was outstanding.

    Our waitress said that they make everything on the menu from scratch.
    I’d believe it. Worth the trip to Torrey for their food. Beware, they
    are not open on Sunday