Top 5 Donuts Shops in Utah County

I’m currently *evil* laughing about the fact that I decided to do this post in January when everyone is on their special “new years diets”. I’m sorry, but not really, because EVERYONE needs a donut break sometimes. There’s nothing like having a donut after you have eaten kale for a week. So consider this post a little bit of happiness for your week, not everyday has to be the worst. Also to make you feel even better, just imagine me going and eating WAY to many donuts over the past month, now do you feel better about yourself? “How is your New Years diet coming, Gretta?” “I’ve eaten 12 donuts in the past week. So it going great!”

I actually almost sacrificed my love for these tasty treats for you!  After going to Daylight Donuts I think I ate 6 of them, and of course the worse sugar overload stomach ache commenced. It didn’t help that it was 7 in the morning and I had school for the next 8 hours. I think that may be the only time I’ve ever had a desire to eat kale for the rest of the day. But don’t worry, my sugar sickness soon passed (probably faster then it should have) and I was back at the biggest doughnut search ever! So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the best donuts in Utah County!

Thanks to everyone who helped me find or eat these lovely things. Enjoy!

Day’s Market

I knew I had to include Day’s Market in this post. Along with everyone in my family, tons of people told me that Day’s Market was their favorite place to get donuts! Day’s makes their donuts fresh every morning (like every other place on this list) BUT they are a grocery store who does not specialize on in the donut area. My favorite here is pictured below, it’s called the samoa and it’s amazing. Last night we went to Day’s and they were all sold out so go early and you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Day’s Market

$$$$ Grocery

3121 N Canyon Rd, Provo, UT 84604 801-375-7960

Daylight Donuts

This wonderful donut shop was started in Oklahoma by a couple who sold donuts out of the trunk of their car. Now there are thousands of their shops around the world! They specialize in everything from light to dense. And believe me, every donut we had here was irresistible. This is where I got sick from eating at least six of these beauties whoops. My favorite donut here? The classic old fashioned (right lower corner). That donut appears too often in my dreams 😉

Daylight Donuts

$$$$ Donuts, Bagels

51 E 11400 S, Sandy, UT 84070 801-572-8140

Provo Bakery

Provo Bakery has a big assortment of donuts and they are all amazing (which is dangerous especially when you go to school mere minutes from this place). My favorite from Provo Bakery is the maple bar. I am a little obsessed with them. And by a little I mean a lot! Like just go and try one, then you will understand.

Provo Bakery

$$$$ Bakeries

190 100 N, Provo, UT 84606 801-375-8330

Lehi Country Bakery

I had never been to Lehi Country Bakery before this crazy donut search. But after a little bit of a drive to Lehi, I arrived.

I walked in and told the two cute old ladies about my donut quest. They were oh so excited and they started filling up a box. They knew exactly which ones I needed to try. Lehi Country Bakery is famous for their square donuts. I tried their classic glazed square donut and it was so amazing. Another favorite was the old fashioned donut, it was AMAZING.

It was the best donut I had during this entire journey.  If I could, I would drive to Lehi every morning just to get a donut from this shop. Totally worth it!

Lehi Country Bakery

$$$$ Bakeries, Donuts

172 W Main St, Lehi, UT 84043 801-768-9544

Krispy Kreme

To be honest, I was a little torn about Krispy Kreme. I was unsure because of how big their company is, but I decided to go and see what I thought. Well… I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Yes I’ve had Krispy Kreme before, but they really are just SO good! It’s probably because they glaze and then frost all of their donuts. Word to the wise, don’t go during lunch time because yes they will be making fresh donuts and yes you will eat three of them (or at least I did). My favorite here? The classic glazed. You really can’t get anything better than that classic glazed donut fresh out of the grease and glaze.

Krispy Kreme

$$$$ Donuts, Coffee & Tea

417 W 1300 S, Orem, UT 84057 801-222-9995

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  1. You really need to add in Banbury Cross near Trolley Square in downtown SLC to your list. Fresh and yummy, family owned and been around for ages. They are my preferred shop for donuts. Have you tried them? If not, definitely worth the drive in from Provo.

    1. Hi Nicole! We are BIG fans of Banbury Cross and will definitely be mentioning them in our upcoming post on SLC donuts!! I absolutely love their sour cream donuts- amazing! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. You need to try Avenue Bakery in American Fork. Love love love their donuts! My favorites are the samoa and the cream cheese caramel donut.

  3. I agree with Nicole and Brooke. After having tried the alleged best donuts in various cities, Banbury Cross still has the best donuts IMHO. The blueberry cake donut is incredible. I think your donut search may have a hole in it 😝 because it’s missing this place.