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The best flavors come from the best ingredients.  That’s a motto at Ice Cream Jubilee and music to my ears – and taste buds.  Grown out of a passion for ice cream, some training during a “vacation” from her corporate law career, plus a lot of late night and weekend work mastering various ice cream ingredients and flavors, Victoria Lai followed her calling and now sells some of DC’s best ice cream and sorbet.  Lai is now a full-time, self-claimed “icecreampreneur” – a term we’ve come to love.

Lai sources ingredients from the DMV as much as possible and uses only all-natural cream and milk from South Mountain Creamery just 50 miles from DC.  Ice Cream Jubilee’s small-batch technique, making a few gallons at a time, maintains the recipe’s integrity and lets the freshest flavors shine through.  The super-premium flavors change seasonally based on ingredient availability.

I asked for bright, bold flavors for this cone, and they delivered.  My cone has Thai Iced Tea, Marionberry, and Passionfruit Guava Sorbet.  For the first, they steep Thai tea leaves directly into the cream to gain this rich flavor that I’ve never tasted before in ice cream.  The second flavor blends ripe marionberries from Oregon with sweet cream ice cream + graham cracker crumbs.  The sorbet is non-dairy, light + airy and full of fresh tropical flavors that take me to Hawaii and back.

Many of the flavors are nut free and gluten free, but check with an Ice Cream Jubilee team member before making your decision if you have a special diet.  They’re informed, helpful, and comfortable providing recommendations.

Like other new members of DC’s lively food scene, Ice Cream Jubilee calls the Navy Yard home.  Our family usually grabs a dish of two flavors to split when we’re walking around the neighborhood.  Our favorite dishes include Bold Vanilla mixed with one of the following: Banana Bourbon Caramel, Cookies + Cream, Honey Lemon Lavender.  Local tip: be sure to grab a cone or dish after a Nationals game, sometimes they give away a free scoop or two.  Non-local tip: Ice Cream Jubilee ships nationwide through Foody Direct!

Ice Cream Jubilee (301 Water Street SE, Washington, DC // 202.863.0727)

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