Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-9Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-12While wandering through Georgetown with friends one day, we asked them to tell us about the best sandwich they’ve ever consumed in DC. I was blown away when I’d never heard of the place: Stachowski’s Market. Now I was interested! Luckily we were already in the quiet blocks of the neighborhood, just a few paces away from the market itself.

Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-4The Stachowski family has been serving the DC area high quality cuts of meat at local area farmers markets since 2009, but opened the market to serve up some of the best charcuterie, cheeses, produce, baked goods and, of course, their sandwiches.

Best Sandwich Shop in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Stachowski Market's Turkey Club and Pastrami Sammy are known as customer favorites. So big and flavorful -- enough to share with a friend!We were not terribly hungry as we had a large breakfast, but we could not resist just a taste! Although, our friends suggested the Hot Pastrami and the Butcher Shop, my husband and I opted to split the “healthier” turkey club.

Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-10The thick cut white bread was gingerly covered in mayo. The bottom layer of the sandwich had smoked bacon, a healthy serving of sprouts, tomatoes and Swiss cheese. A layer of bread separated the top part of the sandwich that housed the thick-cut deli turkey and fresh sliced avocados.

Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-11I’m going to be honest, I could barely get my hands around this sandwich, let alone my mouth. And my wallet probably couldn’t afford to eat here each and every day. However, as a weekend treat or a shared meal, Stachowski’s Market sandwiches are a great deal.

Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-8 Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-6 The market itself is quaint, with only a few coolers for specialty beverages – locally or regionally sourced from small bottling companies – and their delicious meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies. There are a couple tables to the right of the cashier, and a table for six near the front window, but the place is relatively small – a lot of folks took their sandwiches and produce to-go.

Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-3From the delicious sandwich, friendly staff and clean space to some of the highest quality meats, cheeses and food products offered in a small corner market, I give Stachowski’s Market an A+! We’re going back to test out more sandwiches with our friends or family very, very soon!

Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-1Washington_DC_Sandwich_Stachowski_Market_Georgetown_Butcher_Shop_Turkey_Club-2Stachowski’s Market (1425 28th Street NW, Washington, DC // 202.506.3125)