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Living in a new city is always exciting, and let’s be real, stressful at the same time. Where am I supposed to eat?! In that question, lies half of the fun. A delicious joint near DuPont Circle, Mission, creates some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten. Only steps away from the metro, this quant restaurant is easily the whole package. I’ve been here in Washington D.C. for almost a month now and haven’t been as impressed with a restaurant as I have been when I went to Mission this past weekend. To be honest, food is often hard to write about, but when it is this good it is a piece of cake!! I could and will rave about my experience here for many days to come.

      Being a huge food lover (obviously), I asked for many many recommendations for good eats here in D.C. One of the top ones? Was Mission. As my friend, Alexa, and I had just gone on a long bike ride and was feeling something hearty and filling – a.k.a. Mexican food!! As we came up the escalators from the DuPont metro stop, we saw the cutest little white brick building hung with twinkling lights and secretly hoped that was where we’d be eating…and it was! Let’s just say it was a happy moment for us. We luckily arrived at a great time and was instantly seated on the patio outside. Usually, there is a longer wait for this seat, so make sure to get there before peak time (6:00 p.

m. – 7:00 p.m.).

Our seat was surrounded by twinkling lights and hanging vines, which couldn’t have been more picturesque. The menu was perfect, too. The right amount of popular Mexican dishes with not too many to choose from. Too many options, honestly, gives me anxiety. Our waitress, Marci, was super kind, prompt, and very insightful about their dishes. She told us popular items as well as her favorites.

 Speaking from my hungry stomach, I chose a crowd favorite, the Carnitas Fajitas. Alexa, went with the other favorite, the Taco Platter. Make sure to not fill-up too much on the chips and salsa provided before, even though they’re super addicting.

My fajitas came out and I could hear and smell them from a mile away. Yes hear. It was a sizzling, steamy goodness all on a personal icon-cast pan. It came with a plate of condiments: creamy black beans, savory rice, light sour cream, spicy salsa verde, and soft warm tortillas – the perfect accessories to any fajita. The portion was hefty and also so incredibly delectable. A smokey mix of roasted red peppers, onions, poblanos, and some of the best pork I’ve ever had. The flavored savory juiciness of each warm tortilla pork wrapped bite was something that your taste buds crave and rejoice over. Just sayin.

The Taco Platter wasn’t only presented in a beautiful way, but was also very filling and flavorful. It comes with three stuffed tacos with the same condiments as the fajitas. The blackened salmon taco was topped with pineapple pico de gallo and spicy salsa. For the shrimp taco, cabbage slaw and cotija cheese were the main additions. Her favorite? The carnitas taco (obviously I can see why…my carnitas fajitas were to die for).Our experience at Mission was nothing but amazing. We agree with Open Table’s in giving them the 2016 Diners’ Choice award. Thank you for providing yummy food, beautiful setting, and kind service.

We will definitely be back again! That pork is already calling my name. See you soon, Mission!

Mission  ( 1606 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20009  //  202.525.2010 )

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