Washington DC: Slipstream

Restaurant genius and success lie in doing the basics, AND doing them better than and different from everyone else. Slipstream has carved out a space in the ever-changing DC restaurant scene; it’s somewhere to go and be comfortable mingling with friends, grabbing a cup of coffee to go or noshing on their delicious food and drink. Open daily at 7am — earlier than most joints on the 14th Street corridor — my family, friends and I frequent the large, family-style table in the back of the restaurant during those early morning hours.

Slipstream keeps it simple. And honestly, I think I could make much of the menu in my own home.

Items include house-made pastries, (huge!) toasts, poached eggs, yogurt/breakfast bowls, sandwiches, and caffeinated beverages and cocktails.

However, the Slipstream difference is the attention to detail. From ingredient selections and sourcing to dish pairings and employee suggestions, Slipstream and its staff have it down to a science. The seasoning here is unreal and unlike any I’ve tasted before; I had no idea sea salt and pepper could do SO much to food if applied correctly.

We tend to order a few plates and share them around the table to snack on with our morning coffee. Today, I chose to top my toast with avocado and goat cheese mousse; it’s light and whipped tasting – not heavy at all. My husband ordered the house-made strawberry jam and butter toast, along with their very popular breakfast bowl.

I have a friend who was addicted to this concoction of short grain white rice, market greens and one poached egg.

A few per week for weeks on end. To take our bowl to the next level, we ordered up a side of braised short ribs. A must try on this menu!

LOCAL TIP: If you’re looking for scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage and soggy hash browns, head somewhere else!

Slipstream (1333 14th Street NW, Washington, DC //202.450.2216)

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