Los Angeles: Dialog Cafe

In West Hollywood, finding a locals-only joint is somewhat of a challenge due to all the tourists and commercial businesses. Dialog Cafe is one of your local favorites, where we like to go relax with friendly staff that make you feel at home and have some good coffee and food. It is hidden right off of Sunset Blvd. – you would never notice it unless you were looking for it.

Parking is metered and somewhat limited, but I haven’t had any trouble finding a spot yet. Todd is the son of the owners and running the place pretty much 24/7. He takes special care to go above and beyond his customers’ expectations and ensures Dialog Cafe runs smoothly. If you go, no doubt you would be talking to him at the register and he would greet you with a big smile.

Dialog Cafe is a family-owned and run cafe that serves a simple, comforting menu for breakfast and lunch. The special items of note are the belgian waffles and homemade gelato, which together make a beautiful decadent treat.

The other thing Dialog Cafe is known for is the beautiful, unique latte art. The barista can make a leaf, teddy bear, pumpkin, crane, puppy, heart…the list goes on and on. They have even made me one that has my name on it! While doing my MBA, I came here at least once a week to work and relax – it is that kind of local spot. I am a frequent customer, and I hope you will be too!

Dialog Cafe (8766 Holloway Dr., West Hollywood, CA 90069) 310-289-1630

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