Milwaukee: Bavette La Boucherie

I’m not sure how Bavette has stayed under my radar for this long, but I’m so glad I finally found it!  This lovely little butcher shop and restaurant in the Third Ward is the epitome of a great farm to table establishment…and you know how much I appreciate farm to table.  They pride themselves on their locally sourced animals and the custom cutting of their meat.

 Through their practices, they achieve more sustainability and less waste.

 Their full-service restaurant has a menu filled with inventive ideas to complement their locally sourced meats and cheeses.  Come for a sit-down meal or artisanally processed charcuterie.

We chose a salad based on our server’s personal preference: Roasted squash and apple salad with bacon vinaigrette, red onion, dried cherries, granola, and cupola cheese.  I may have mentioned this before, but I rarely order salads. They have to be filled with intriguing ingredients with a variety of unexpected flavors in order for me to be at all interested!  This one definitely qualified for that description.  The dried cherries and granola were my favorite part, I loved that these were a surprising addition to every bite.  I also love the mixture of fruit into my salads, so the apples were a welcome incorporation.  It was a great choice!

We also ordered the pork belly bahn mi sandwich to split.  It had miso sriracha aioli, pickled carrots, and cucumber.  One of the things I love about Bavette is that they have an ever-changing menu.  This happened to be one of the specialties at the time.  I love bahn mi sandwiches and this one did not disappoint.  The miso sriracha aioli paired with the pork belly made for an interesting and delicious combination of flavors.  The vegetables on top added a great freshness.  Even the bread was noteworthy!  We asked, and it was freshly made by Breadsmith, a local bakery specializing in artisan breads.

We couldn’t go without trying one of Bavette’s desserts, so we decided on the flourless chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream.  Ice cream from Purple Door, of course!  It was a warm, ooey gooey little pot of chocolaty goodness, complemented perfectly by the salty caramel flavors of the ice cream.

Stop in for a bite to eat at Bavette’s sit-down restaurant or pick up some artisan meat or cheese.  Which ever you choose, you will surely be impressed!

Bavette La Boucherie (330 E Menomonee St, Milwaukee, WI // 414.


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