IMG_4466IMG_4474IMG_4473IMG_4459Welcome to Bay View, Café Corazón! This bright and modern Riverwest fave recently opened its second location and is new to the area. And hey, it’s here just in time for you to enjoy summer on their patio! When it comes to Mexican food in Milwaukee, you have a lot of choices.

You have to find a way to whittle down the options to the very best.

Café Corazón is known for using locally sourced ingredients, which is evident by the freshness of their fare! It’s a quaint little restaurant, but is exceptionally welcoming nonetheless. The decor is vibrant and entertaining, and I’m all about a restaurant’s atmosphere! We sat down on this sunshiny day to enjoy some shrimp tacos and chilaquiles.

IMG_4464IMG_4461IMG_4444IMG_4465IMG_4462Now let me just say, if you’re a person who wants to branch out from their usual order at a Mexican restaurant but is still a bit hesitant, try the chilaquiles. Chances are, you’re going to like it. Take my dad for example: He pretty much orders the same thing at the same restaurants every time he goes out to eat. My mom and I were both in agreement that even though this dish has a funky name, this is an option that he would love if he ordered.

Fried strips of corn tortillas topped with tasty chorizo, a red sauce made from a blend of spicy red peppers, melted cheddar jack cheese, onion, lime and cilantro crema, loaded with black beans, avocado, and cheese sprinkled on top. I assure you, if you dare to creep out of your comfort zone for this dish, you won’t be disappointed. I mean, look at the ripeness of that avocado! And this dish is served in one heeeeeaping helping.

IMG_4452IMG_4458IMG_4457IMG_4455IMG_4443My shrimp tacos were a much smaller offering, but just as delicious! Beautifully seasoned shrimp and a jicama slaw (and I looooove a jicama slaw) nestled in their tortillas. Squeeze on the lime and you’ve got it made!

They were paired with some pinto beans and rice as well, in true taco plate fashion. Although I enjoy the typically authentic tacos you’ll find at any Mexican restaurant, I love to go the unconventional route as well from time to time! And when I say “from time to time,” I mean “always.

IMG_4448IMG_4460IMG_4468IMG_4475I should also mention that Café Corazón boasts a menu filled with vegan options! This would be a perfect place to bring an out-of-town guest who enjoys substituting veggies or tofu for the usual meaty dishes. They even do soy chorizo! No matter your preferences, Café Corazón is sure to impress!

Café Corazón (2394 Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI // 414.554.2774) or check out the original Riverwest location (3129 N Bremen Street, Milwaukee, WI // 414.810.4931)