Milwaukee: Merriment Social

After multiple recommendations from friends, I had been dying to visit Merriment Social to try one of their supposedly excellent burgers.  I was happy to discover that their brunch menu not only included your typical breakfasty ingredients, but a couple of their burgers as well!  Also, seasonally crafted cocktails.  It was settled, I made my reservation and was off to enjoy brunch at Merriment Social.  It also happened to be on the warmest day in February (around 70 degrees), which for Wisconsin, is pretty unusual.  This allowed them to open up their giant garage doors and let the sun in for a February brunch with a springtime vibe!  Warm weather and delicious food, no wonder the restaurant was packed!

The first thing we decided on trying was an order of baked spicy ranch cheese curds.  Cheese curds (fresh, baked, or fried) are a pretty common occurrence on Wisconsin restaurant menus, but these ones are different.  They’re lined up in a little skillet and baked so that they all melt together.  They have a little bit of spice too, hence the name.  Well, and the delicious pickled peppers they throw on top.  You scoop a bit up, load it onto a slice of sourdough bread, and enjoy.  This is honestly probably the best cheese curd dish I’ve ever had.

I’m a huge Eggs Benedict fan, so we decided to select one off of their list.  The butter poached lobster Benedict, it was!  Sunny side eggs, dill hollandaise, and those yummy pickled peppers again.

 Besides the addition of lobster, which was obviously amazing, my favorite part was the dill hollandaise.  Now I want dill in every hollandaise sauce I have in the future!  The hashbrowns were your classic nice and crispy side dish.

As for the Merriment burger – spectacular.  It comes with cheese, bacon, pickles, social sauce, on top of a milk bun. You can add an extra patty, a fried egg, or foie gras for an additional fee.  The best part of this burger was the social sauce!

 I’m assuming that’s like, their special secret sauce, but it was amazing.

 I love when the flavors on a burger are so good that you don’t feel the need to add any condiments!  Everything from the pickles to the burger to the bun were perfectly crafted.  The side is garlic fries, the kind of restaurant fries you just keep coming back for.

A stop at Merriment Social was the perfect way to enjoy brunch on a sunny day.  I can’t wait to return to try their dinner menu!

Merriment Social (240 E Pittsburgh Ave, Milwaukee, WI // 414.645.0240)

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