Milwaukee: Northpoint Custard

Nothing goes better with beach volleyball and sunbathing than grilled burgers and brats! And a swirl cone of custard, of course. Well, next time you find yourself having a blast at Bradford Beach, scoot on over to Northpoint Custard for some of the best. Simple, inexpensive, and delicious! Which makes sense, seeing as it is part of The Bartolotta Restaurants. Of course they would provide some of the best beach grub that money can buy.

I wanted to provide you with 3 choices of an entree, a couple sides, and dessert! I’m sure there are countless options on their menu that I haven’t tried and are just as delicious, but here are my personal faves!

Johnsonville Bratwurst – It isn’t summer in Wisconsin without a brat, hello. This bad boy is beer boiled and grilled. The fact that they toast their hotdog buns only endears me more to Northpoint Custard, because that’s neccessary in my book! The brat itself is made of quality meat and was cooked to the perfect point, still juicy and flavorful!

Old School Burger – A 1/4 lb char-grilled burger on a butter-toasted Sciortino’s roll, topped with ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, and the optional cheese. Can’t get much better than this while keeping it old school!

Italian Beef – Thinly sliced roast beef, giardiniera, and au jus for dipping.

Gosh, this was my favorite of the three. The roast beef was delectable and the giardiniera added the finishing touch. I barely used the au jus (although delicious), due to to the fact that I loved it just the way it was. Not the easiest sandwich in the world to eat, so just be prepared to look like somewhat of a monster as you devour your sandwich. So worth it though.

Yukon Gold Crinkle Fries – Your typical crinkle fry, except this time they are crisp and hot!

White Cheddar Cheese Curds – The best part of any meal, the fried cheese curds. Honestly, these are Wisconsin State Fair status, you guys. I’m being 100% serious. These curds are so great that I may be taking trips downtown specifically for them. Nothing around measures up!

…As for the final act and namesake of this little stand, the custard. Madagascar vanilla and chocolate swirl. You can get them separately or twisted all into one perfect (and perfect looking) cone. This is in my top three favorite custards in the Milwaukee area, and trust me, there are an overwhelming amount of options. Best vanilla custard I’ve ever had, actually. And the chocolate is amazing as well, perfect in taste and texture. Mix them together and you have a dream team!

You need this place in your life, that I promise. So stop by while you’re beachin’ or take a special trip down! It’s a small little snack bar, but it will make your day in a big way!

Northpoint Custard (2272 N Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, WI // 414.727.4886)

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