Milwaukee: Blue’s Egg

From the same people who brought you Story Hill BKC, I present to you: Blue’s Egg! This is truly a hot spot for breakfast and brunch in Milwaukee. I don’t think I’ve ever walked into this restaurant when it wasn’t packed to the brim with hungry customers. Still, they have a ton of seating, so there’s never too long of a wait. They serve modern American brunch in a classic diner setting. Each dish has its own interesting twist, so try everything. You’ll never get bored!

We got one of their specials for the day, the tres leches french toast. It was french toast topped with peaches, custard, crunchy granola, and whipped cream. Don’t ever pass this one up if you have the chance. Although I’m sure the french toast options on their regular menu are just as delicious! But would you just look at that dollop of whipped cream?!

Even though I never need it, I always make sure my meal at Blue’s Egg includes their monkey bread. Wednesdays are awesome because you can order it for $1. But I have no problem paying full price for this delicacy. It oozes caramel and cinnamon. It’s pretty addicting, so try to contain yourself.

The Blue’s Classic Benedict is always a solid choice. Classic Benedict is right, but there’s nothing like their pulled ham.

The ham from Blue’s Egg is pickle brined for 21 days and then slow roasted for 12 hours.

And all this hard work shows! Put that on top of their homemade English muffin and finish it with a poached egg and hollandaise. I always upgrade the side to get a serving of the very stuffed browns. These hashbrowns are exactly what they sound like! The middle of your hashbrowns are “stuffed” with your choice of filling. I happen to love the aged provolone stuffed browns. That means my hashbrowns are stuffed with cheesy provolone goodness and topped with a rich tomato sauce and basil pesto. One of my very favorite things they serve at Blue’s Egg.

So if you’re in desperate need of a jaw-droppingly awesome breakfast here in Milwaukee, you need to make your way to Blue’s Egg sooner rather than later!

Blue’s Egg (317 N 76th St, Milwaukee // 414.299.3180)

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