Milwaukee: Leon’s Frozen Custard

If there’s one thing we all agree on here in Milwaukee, I think it would be that Leon’s serves the best custard in the city. In operation since 1942, Leon’s is most certainly one of our finest landmarks. Surprisingly for a custard spot, you can pretty much guarantee that they will always have a full parking lot all year round. And we have some insanely cold winters!

Still, that doesn’t stop anyone from stopping by to enjoy some custard, a soda, a hot dog, or hamburger. As advertised, their custard is made daily with fresh cream and eggs.

It. Is. Divine.

The other day, I made the expert decision of stopping at Leon’s for a “double dip” of butter pecan on what (I assume) was the hottest day of the summer. Thankfully, we beat the rush, as there was no line when we got there! But once we got our custard, we turned around to a line of at least 10 people. We had to eat it quick, though! As soon as she served me my cone, I snapped two photos and it was already halfway melted! But delicious all the same. It’s the smoothest, creamiest custard and there’s a nicely sized hunk of pecan in every bite! Easily my favorite flavor at Leon’s. Luckily, it’s one that they have every day along with vanilla and chocolate. Their other flavors rotate daily.

The rest of my group ordered the Super Sundae Special. This is vanilla custard, hot fudge, pecans, and a load of cherries. Leon’s doesn’t skimp on the cherries! Arguably the perfect treat no matter the weather!

People from all around go out of their way to make a stop at Leon’s! Fresh and frozen, it really is worth the trip!

Leon’s Frozen Custard (3131 S 27th Street, Milwaukee // 414.383.1784)

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