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On Labor Day weekend every year, fans of Harley Davidson from all over the world flock to Milwaukee to celebrate more than 100 years of history (hence the year 1903 all over the place). Needless to say, this felt like an excellent time to write a post on Motor Bar & Restaurant, located on the grounds of the Harley Davidson Museum here in Milwaukee!

Now, I know nothing about motorcycles, but I do know great food! To me, it seems like unless you’re a Harley fan visiting the museum, it’s easy to overlook this excellent dining spot. But people, this is NOT your typical museum dining experience! I repeat, this is not a drill! Motor has a truly amazing and interesting menu. Not only that, but their restaurant has an atmosphere that will intrigue both the motorcycle fans and those who are just in it for the food (me)!

With a name like Booyah Stew, how could I not? A combo of chicken, beef, and veggies thrown in a pot to stew in their own flavors. Simple enough? There is of course, a story behind it! Turns out that the Booyah Stew came into fruition when Motor’s chef discovered it while tailgating at a Packers game. It was an instant hit! The tender corned beef and potatoes made for one delicious side dish (I substituted it for an additional $2, SO worth it).

Best wings ever, grilled jalapeño chimichurri. Isn’t it lovely when you love something so much that you don’t even have to touch the sauce? I tried it with and without the blue cheese dressing, but I think that these wings were fabulous enough on their own. Their skin was lightly crispy and covered in a delicious jalapeño chimichurri sauce. These are some of the best wings I have ever had the pleasure of sampling.

Brats give me life, especially this New Brat Reuben. This one was Johnsonville, covered in corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing, served on a Miller Bakery rye hoagie. Again, they serve the most tender and flavorful corned beef! I have had my share of Reuben sandwiches, but they’re even better when you throw it on top of a brat! This is definitely a brat done the Wisconsin way, with all the fixins’.

We dined inside with a clear view of not only the river, but the “motor” themed decor that the restaurant has to offer. Sitting outside looks just as enjoyable! Although, I suggest you pop in the restaurant to take a look at all the details that their ambiance has to offer!

Motor Bar & Restaurant (400 W Canal Street, Milwaukee, WI // 1.877.436.8738)

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