Welcome to the Female Foodie guide to our 2021 Travel Must Haves. This tried-and-true collection features travel items worth their price tag and weight (pun intended), so that next time you travel domestically or abroad, you can travel with confidence.

Adult Travel

  1. Traveling overseas? You’ll need a converter/adapter and this two pack from Amazon works amazingly well, plus the USB port is clutch.
  2. A collapsable, lightweight hamper is one of the most underrated travel items for a trip any longer than 3 days. Get our favorite one here.
  3. If you use Apple devices, this is a must for international travel.
  4. A really good suitcase is the best travel investment you will ever make. Here’s our favorite of several years.
  5. You’ll never imagine traveling without these after one trip with them!
  6. This passport holder is ideal for families. Perfect to hold documents and boarding passes too!
  7. The backpack of all backpacks. Has side pockets for drinks, a sleeve for your laptop/ipad, clips to hold jackets, multtiple compartments, and it’s super high quality.
  8. Something you should have in general, but especially on a trip.
  9. This travel-sized luggage scale is inexpensive and will save your sanity!
  10. The best ointment ever to keep your hands from cracking and bleeding when flight and excessive hand washing dry them up.

Toddler/Infant Travel

  1. This miniature suitcase not only has wheels (which will make the airport the most fun experience in the world for your toddler), but it transforms an airplane seat into a miniature BED. #hallelujiah #wortheverypenny
  2. Finally back in stock! This portable blackout tent fits over travel cribs, mini cribs, and travel cots. Life saving (and sleep saving) when baby doesn’t have their own room. Use code “FEMALEFOODIE$20” for $20 off!
  3. Meet the best travel crib. Ever. Super lightweight. Folds up very easily and can be carried as a backpack.
  4. If your baby or toddler likes to sleep with white noise, OR if you’re staying somewhere that will potentially be noisy at night, this travel-sized noise machine is essential.
  5. This travel blackout curtain with suction cups can darken any room for your little one.
  6. Best leather mat for changing baby on the go.
  7. Traveling with a bottle-fed baby? Don’t leave the house without this.
  8. Best travel stroller on planet earth.
  9. If you need an inexpensive, lightweight carseat that also separates and doubles as a booster, add this to cart.
  10. Traveling with baby on an airplane, or going somewhere where a stroller might be difficult? This baby carrier is super durable and comfortable for mom (or dad) and baby.
  11. Headed overseas or staying somewhere without a carbon monoxide detector? Get this.
  12. Best waterbottle for kids on the go.
  13. Lightweight, high-quality cameras that work perfectly for baby monitors at home and when traveling!
  14. The most beautiful, high quality diaper bag for a mom on the go.
  15. An inexpensive stroller cover for flights, to keep your stroller from getting damaged when it’s tossed around in cargo.
  16. Same, but for the carseat.
  17. This bib is not only an absolute must for travel, but for day to day living.