Female Foodie Friday

Hey Foodies!

Here is your weekly dose of Female Foodie Friday, a list of personal highlights on my FAVORITE day of the week, food related or not. This post contains affiliate links.

Highs of the Week

  • I FINALLY finished my list of best pizza in SLC. Check it.
  • National Grilled Cheese Day! I literally ate grilled cheese three consecutive days in a row and this was my first of three glorious creations ^^^. Catch the full recipe (can I even call it a recipe?) on this insta post.
  • New restaurant in Lehi!
  • Getting ready for Easter! Going to make THIS for the big feast on Sunday.
  • Celebrated Cody’s 26th birthday. We are now the same age for a whole two months.
  • A gorgeoussssss post on one of the best foodie spots in Portland!
  • Fav color and perfect for spring.
  • Revising my post on the best restaurants in UT County– any spots you think I should add?
  • My parents bought me THIS amazing kitchen gadget and I’m having so much fun experimenting with it!

Lows of the Week

  • I think I’m officially hooked on this again. Which could technically be a “high of the week” depending on who you ask.


Contributor Spotlight: Gretta Warner

  1. Hometown/current location: Provo, UT
  2. Occupation: I’m going to school to be a FACS ed. teacher when I graduate. 
  3. Favorite quotation: “Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.” 
  4. How long you’ve been with Female Foodie: A year and a half!
  5. Favorite Genre of Food: Italian
  6. If you had one “last meal” at a restaurant, where would it be and why?: Brunch at Communal
  7. Least favorite food: Celery
  8. When you’re not eating you love to: Run, hike, or ride my bike.
  9. One restaurant you’d recommend from your current city: Communal or Sundance Foundry Grill
  10. Website & Instagram: www.sourdoughsunday.com // instagram.com/gretta_goo

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