Female Foodie Friday

Hey Foodies!

Here is your weekly dose of Female Foodie Friday, a list of personal highlights on my FAVORITE day of the week, food related or not. This post contains affiliate links.

Highs of the Week

  • Finally got my hands on this Ben & Jerry’s flavor. And while you’re at it watch 1:17 on this video– it’s my absolute favorite.
  • The beginning of the GREATEST month of the year (#6 duh).
  • Catching up over sushi with one of my BFFs.
  • Dressing my pup up as a strawberry for Halloween and taking him into work. May or may not have completely emasculated him.
  • Chilly enough for me to pull out my favvvvv down coat.
  • Hanging out with Brooke Walker on Studio 5 talking about my top SLC recommendations for eating out in SLC during the holidays!
  • CUBS WIN GAME 7! Joe Maddon can be my adopted grandpa.

Lows of the Week

  • Sore throat season is officially here.
  • Hubs has been hanging here for the week eating allll the delicious food. Major jealousy rn.
  • Scraped ice off my windshield for the first time on Wednesday. Happy Christmas, Harry.
  • Kitchen. Dishes. Never. End.

What I’m Reading

  • Absolutely enamored by this incredible cookbook written by Portland, Oregon’s Ken Forkish. Going to really step up my pizza making game with this one.


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