Is there anything more satisfying than a good sandwich? Nostalgic, comforting, and oh-so versatile. Luckily for us, the chefs in Phoenix take the art of a good sandwich seriously and the variety of sandwiches in Phoenix cover a wide range of appetites.

Take your pick between the classic Italian sub, a gooey Philly cheesesteak, the perfect fried chicken sandwich, and more! Read on to have all your cravings satisfied and discover the best sandwiches in Phoenix.

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12. La Grande Orange

Communter Sandwich from La Grande Orange

We are big fans of the classic breakfast sandwich and La Grande Orange does it so well with their Commuter Sandwich. Their beloved, house-made English muffin is topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, fresh ripe tomatoes, plus your choice of meat or avocado, or (our preferred order) upgrade to have both! More good news: these breakfast sandwiches are available until 5 p.m. all day, every day.

La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria

11. Source

Red lentil croqueta from Source

We’re thrilled to see the East Valley starting to make its mark on the food scene and Source is no exception, offering Mediterranean food and a selection of creative sandwiches. Their house-made bread is the star of the show, like on the red lentil croqueta sandwich. This vegetarian option with red lentil croquetas, a crisp cabbage slaw, and a tart and creamy lemon labneh sauce all stuffed with their warm and fluffy za’atar flatbread. For a more traditional sandwich, try their salame rose, with thinly sliced salami, manchego cheese, and a generous spread of their roasted red pepper almond pesto on one of their freshly made baguettes.


$$ Mediterranean, Pizza, Sandwiches

3150 E Ray Rd #104, Gilbert, AZ 85296

(480) 687-7732

10. Urbanh Cafe

Banh Mi by Urbanh Cafe

This hole-in-the-wall cafe flies under the radar but their small size does not stop them from serving up the best banh mi around. Urbanh sets itself apart as one of the best sandwiches in Phoenix with its fresh ingredients, bread, sauces, and pickled vegetables all made in-house. We’re partial to the Thịt Nứơng, with marinated grilled pork, or for the more adventurous eaters, the Bánh Mì Đặc Biệt with cold cuts of pork roll and Vietnamese headcheese. Pair your Banh Mi with one of their refreshing fruit smoothies or boba teas for the ultimate experience.

Urbanh Cafe

$ Vietnamese, Sandwiches, Desserts

2015 N Dobson Rd UNIT 9, Chandler, AZ 85224

(480) 248-6859

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9. DeFalco’s Italian Eatery and Grocery

cheesesteak sandwich from DeFalco's Italian Eatery and Grocery

DeFalco’s Italian Deli sells a variety of authentic Italian groceries as well as offering made-to-order pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. But you, of course, are here for the sandwiches. More specifically, you’re here for the cheesesteak. Despite the Italian focus, this eatery has perfected the classic American sandwich, featuring thinly sliced ribeye steak and gooey melted cheese piled high on top of pillowy bread. Be sure to say yes when they ask about adding peppers, mushrooms, and onions!

DeFalco’s Italian Deli & Grocery

$$ Italian, Delis, Sandwiches

2334 N Scottsdale Rd a133, Scottsdale, AZ 85257


8. Frank’s Deli

Frank's Deli sandwich

Frank and his family have been making some of the best sandwiches in Phoenix for over 40 years and they’ll make you feel right at home when you step into this New York-style deli. One of Frank’s sons will be taking your order and there’s a good chance his wife will be the person making your sandwich. While you’re ordering, take a peek at the photos taped on the side of the register to see a slice of Frank’s history. On your first visit, try the Tony. A classic, Italian combo piled high with dense layers of pepperoni, hot capicola, and genoa salami, paired with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion, then finished with a zesty Italian dressing so good you’ll want to bottle it up and take it home.

Frank’s Deli

$$ Delis, Sandwiches

2301 W Orange Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85015

(602) 242-8288

7. Andreoli Italian Grocer

Andreoli Italian Grocer European-style sandwiches

Andreoli Italian Grocer imports and sells authentic Italian ingredients and crafts them into the most authentic European-style sandwiches in Phoenix. They make as much as they can from scratch here, in fact, some of their sandwiches feature exclusively made-in-house ingredients. Like on the Sempronio sandwich with salty prosciutto, creamy, fresh mozzarella, and a freshly baked baguette, all made from scratch. Or, go for the Tizio, warm, house-made sausage with a subtle heat paired with smokey peppers and onions all on a perfectly textured baguette—crispy on the edges and chewy in the center.

Andreoli Italian Grocer

$$ Italian, Sandwiches, Bakeries

8880 E Vía Linda, Scottsdale, AZ 85258


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6. Little Miss BBQ

Little Miss BBQ pastrami sandwich

A good pastrami sandwich is hard to come by in Phoenix, and to make them even more elusive, the maker of the best pastrami sandwiches only serves them up once a week. But if you are craving this East Coast classic, you can get your fix at Little Miss BBQ every Thursday. They swap the rye bread for a warm Noble bun and the mustard with a mustard barbecue sauce, but the meat, easily the most important part, is prime! Choose from lean or fatty pastrami (we recommend a combo of both) to be piled high on top of the sweet Hawaiian-style bun. Add your choice of side, but we’re partial to their mac and cheese. If you can’t make it on a Thursday, you can get a delicious brisket or pulled pork sandwich any day of the week.

Little Miss BBQ – Sunnyslope

$$ Barbeque, Sandwiches

8901 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020

(602) 314-6922

5. Gallo Blanco

torta from  Gallo Blanco in Arizona

The ubiquitous torta is a delicious staple in the Phoenix food scene. But there is one that stands above the rest. Rather than piling on every topping known to mankind, Gallo Blanco has mastered the classic Mexican sandwich using minimal, quality ingredients in flavorful combinations. Choose from nine different tortas, all served on Noble’s fresh-baked Telera bread. We love the Naco, piled high with carne asada avocado and two over-easy eggs, but the sandwich that keeps us coming back time and time again is the La Bomba. Savory al pastor, generous chunks of pineapple, and a blend of gooey manchego and chihuahua cheeses—this is what a perfectly executed torta tastes like.

Gallo Blanco

4. Chula Seafood

Chula Seafood tuna melt

We’ve sung the praises of Chula multiple times and if you’re craving a tuna melt—or any fish sandwich—this is the place to go. This classic dish is given a kick of southwestern spice adding hatch green chiles and a spiced Oaxaca cheese to the fatty confit tuna, all pressed together until thin and crispy on Noble bread. These flavors alone are drool-worthy, but Chula doesn’t stop there, pairing it with a herby chimichurri to take this decadent sandwich to the next level. All sandwiches come with chips, or upgrade your side to a salad or a bowl of their rich and flavorful clam chowder.

Chula Seafood Uptown

$$ Seafood, Seafood Markets, Poke

100 E Camelback Rd #172, Phoenix, AZ 85012

(602) 354-3599

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3. Pane Bianco

Pane Bianco caprese wood-fired sandwich

After establishing Phoenix as a hotspot for pizza, Chris Bianco brought that same level of dedication to making sandwiches and we are so glad he did. While the menu may seem simple here, with most sandwiches featuring less than five ingredients, one bite will show you that there’s nothing plain about it. Each sandwich is well thought out with perfectly proportioned, quality ingredients. Like on the Caprese, the wood-fired focaccia roll is delicious but unbelievably thin and allows the other ingredients to shine. With the thick-cut, local tomatoes, generous portions of freshly made mozzarella, and fresh leaves of basil, this simple sandwich is simply a masterpiece.

Pane Bianco

$$ Sandwiches, Italian, Pizza

4404 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012


2. Worth Takeaway

Worth Takeaway best sandwiches in Phoenix Arizona

Worth Takeaway can do no wrong. They offer an expansive menu of some of the best sandwiches in Phoenix, plus a few other items—like burgers and mac and cheese, but no need to be afraid of branching out here because each item is a showstopper. If you’re a first-timer, we recommend starting with the classic crispy chicken sandwich. It features a moist fried chicken breast, crunchy house-made pickles, lettuce, a sweet and spicy sriracha honey, and a spread of mayo on their signature ciabatta bread. On your next visit (because you absolutely will want to go back), try the spicy candied BLT. The standard BLT is leveled up with Sriracha candied bacon, avocado, and a spicy serrano aioli, all on top of a cheddar jalapeno bread.

Worth Takeaway

$$ Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches, American (New)

218 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201


1. Noble Eatery

Noble Eatery caprese sandwich is the best sandwich in Phoenix Arizona

Anyone in tune with the Phoenix dining scene has heard of Noble, the supplier of bread for most of our favorite restaurants (Hush Public House, Little Miss BBQ, Chula, and the Gladly, to name a few). What you may not know is that Noble has not only perfected bread, but also the sandwich. Available exclusively on weekdays for lunch, Noble Eatery serves the best sandwiches in Phoenix. Try the Noble version of the Caprese—pairing warm, thin, pide bread (the Turkish version of pita bread) with cold and gooey burrata, tomatoes roasted in their woodfire oven, arugula, and a spread of vinegary saba. It’s heaven-sent. The classic Italian sandwich gets an upgrade here as well with spicy Giardiniera, creamy aioli, and a dash of oregano vinaigrette on a sesame-seed-encrusted hoagie. The rotating special should also be considered, featuring gourmet items like a braised short rib or confit pork belly, they might have you lining up each week.

Noble Eatery

$$ Sandwiches, Salad, Bakeries

4525 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016

(602) 688-2424