London: Bageriet

Bageriet is a tiny Swedish bakery, sat in quiet street just off from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden. Everything is baked on site in a tiny kitchen by two Swedish bakers. Every now and again they make an appearance in their white hats and straight from the oven fill the shelves with their freshly baked goods. The smell wafting down the street is incredible and I challenge you to walk past without stopping and drool at the window display!

There isn’t a better time to visit Bageriet than when they have their traditional Semla buns in store. Semla Buns are beautifully fat cardamom-scented buns filled with almond-paste and bursting with whipped cream. What’s not to love in that sentence.

It can easily serve two people, or one greedy one like me! If that’s not your thing, they do other Swedish  goodies too like their traditional cinnamon rolls (Kanelbullar), beautifully light sugary pretzels and the signature Swedish ‘Princess’ cake (google them there so pretty!) As well as selling their own homemade  ligonberry jam, teas and coffees.

This is definitely one of London’s best hidden gems. Not many people know it’s there so keep it on the low- more baked goods for us!

Bagariet (24 Rose St, London // 20.


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