The 5 Best Cups of Hot Chocolate in Salt Lake City

There is nothing quite like cozying up to a rich, heart-warming cup of hot chocolate. With several chilly months in Utah (plus more bizarre weather days than we can keep track of), it’s fitting to know where the absolute best hot chocolate in Salt Lake City is. From decadent cups of seemingly pure liquid chocolate (see our number one pick) to more classic, whipped-cream-topped mugs, you’re sure to find a cup of chocolatey goodness that’s perfect for you.

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5. Bruges Waffles & Frites

Although most readers here at Female Foodie know and love Bruges Waffles & Frites for their life-changing liege waffles (literally heaven in every bite), we’re definitely big fans of their rich and luxurious Belgian hot chocolate. Next time you visit bruges, take a look past the counter and you’ll notice their hot cocoa machine constantly churning the Belgian chocolate and cream together. My favorite is to pair this delicious cup of cocoa with a waffle and a scoop of creme fraiche. Because what is better together than sugar & sugar?

Bruges Belgium Bistro

$$$$ Belgian, Breakfast & Brunch, Waffles

336 W 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 801-363-4444

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4. Grand America Hotel

This list of best hot chocolate in Salt Lake City wouldn’t be complete with out the most regal of options. Next time you’re wanting to warm up downtown, or catch up with friends in a gorgeous environment with a hot beverage, make your way to the gorgeous lobby lounge and pull up a chair for a great conversation and a dose of quality people watching. Better yet make it an event during their afternoon tea from 1:00-3:00 p.m. each afternoon, accompanied with traditional English menu items.

The Grand America Hotel

$$$$ Hotels

555 Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 801-258-6000

3. Tulie Bakery

Tulie Bakery wins again. We couldn’t leave them out on our list of  the best hot chocolate in Salt Lake City because they serve a perfect classic cup of hot chocolate. Bakers cocoa, sugar, and cream are the sole three ingredients that make the magic happen with this frothy, warm cup of deliciousness. And while you’re making a stop at Tulie, enjoy your hot cocoa with a delicious panini or morning bun (they’ll heat it up for you- just ask!).

Tulie Bakery

$$$$ Bakeries, Coffee & Tea

863 east 700 south salt lake city, UT 84102 801-883-9741

2. Normal® Ice Cream

You’ve heard of hot chocolate and frozen hot chocolate, but chances are you’ve never tried a hot chocolate float before. Luckily, at Normal® Ice Cream pop up shop in Trolley Square, there is indeed a hot cocoa float. Served with any available soft serve flavor, this hot cocoa is also topped with a decadent house-made marsh-mellow. The combination of their soft-serve ice cream with the hot cocoa makes the whole ensemble even creamier than usual, and the marsh-mellow is the perfect bonus.

Normal® Ice Cream

$$$$ Food Trucks, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

525 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (385) 800-1367

1. Hatch Family Chocolates

This is the “creme de la creme” of all hot chocolates in Salt Lake City. Tucked away in the avenues across the street from LDS hospital lies my favorite chocolate shop in the entire city. Not to anyone’s surprise, they make one killer cup of hot cocoa. Picture heavy cream, whole milk, and melted dark chocolate pieces for my favorite cup of hot chocolate in SLC. It’s more decadent than anything you’ve had but with one sip you’ll see why we keep coming back for more. They have milk, dark (favorite), and even vegan options. This hot chocolate is so rich and chocolatey that it’s a dessert for a cup by itself.

Hatch Family Chocolates

$$$$ Desserts, Chocolatiers & Shops, Candy Stores

376 8th Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84103 801-532-4912


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  1. Thank you for the best hot chocolate suggestions!!! We can’t wait to try all of them! My husband and I also like the hot chocolate (among many other things) at:
    1026 East 2nd Ave.
    Salt Lake City, UT

  2. Brooke I hate to say it, but the best dang hot chocolate in the whole entire world is at Maverik!!! Like the Maverik gas stations:). I’m totally serious too. You must try it, and there is no shame in accidentally putting in a squirt of cappuccino:). It happens sometime. Now go try it and let me know?

    1. Hi Lisa! Haha I would be lying if I told you I haven’t consumed copious amounts of Maverik HC, but in my opinion it isn’t the “best” in SLC. To each their own though. Merry Christmas! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      1. If you haven’t had the affogato hot chocolate at Sweetaly, you haven’t lived! So ultra rich, but so so good (and you really can’t go wrong with gelato+hot chocolate)!

  3. I just love your blogs. Hoping to take my hot chocolate obsessed sister to one of these places while she’s in town for the holidays. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jaelynn! Thank you SO much! Hot chocolate is the perfect sister date! I hope that you enjoy 🙂 Hatch’s would be super fun because they have so many dessert options- nice and close to downtown too 🙂

    1. Hi Dorothy!! John is a great guy- so fun to meet him last weekend! Glad that you love hot chocolate as much as I do!! Can’t wait to try out the Italian Hot! Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Gourmandise, is another awesome place! But I haven’t tried any of the places on your list, so I’m excited to venture out!

  5. I try hot chocolate everywhere I go. I DO agree with Hatch (both frozen and hot), and Bruges. I personally don’t recommend Gourmandise (though they do make it pretty, just not tasty), I also wasn’t a fan of Tulie. Les Madeleines used to have a great one, but it wasn’t the same the last time I tried it. I have been pleasantly addicted to the hot chocolate at Alpha Coffee in cottonwood heights lately. Will have to try the one at Cocina! 😁

  6. Has anyone tried the drinking chocolates at Brookers Founding Flavors ice cream shop? I wondered if they were worth the trip…