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Don’t get me wrong, I love Chinese take-out. It’s great for when you can’t leave your house and need quick delivery. But do yourself a favor and get out of your house to eat some real, authentic Chinese food at Monkey King Noodle Co!

This local Dallas hot spot is the perfect answer to your pasta craving, without going to your everyday, boring Italian spot. The food is hot, spicy and the flavors will punch you in the face, and you’ll be begging for more.

They are two convenient locations in the Dallas area, the original in Deep Ellum, and their newer location in Old Downtown Carrollton. The Carrollton location is closer to where I live so that’s the spot I frequent. The employees at Monkey King Noodle Co. are always young and really laid back, you feel like they’re your friends when you walk through the door.

I always ask them a million questions about the menu and they are so patient, and helpful. They’ll even help you customize your order (if you don’t feel like eating hot soup in 100 degree weather, for example, they’ve let me order a brothless version of my favorite soup noodles before).

They are known for their Noodle Soups but their soup dumplings (shown above) are so good I can’t help but order them at every visit. I like that there are 8 of them, and they’re quite large too. I feel like most Chinese restaurants give you 4 little dumplings to an order, but MKNC takes care of us!

The Sichuan Cauliflower is a new item on the menu and it’s absolutely delicious. I highly recommend ordering it. I mean, is there anything better than getting your daily veggies, when it doesn’t taste like you’re eating veggies? The sauce on the cauliflower is a zingy type of sweet chili sauce and adding a dash of your favorite hot sauce (pictured above, they have their housemade “death sauce” (left), chili oil (center), and Sriracha (right) available by request at the counter) fills your mouth with so much flavor you’ll lick your bowl clean.

The Hot Beef Noodle Soup is their signature dish at Monkey King Noodle Co. I recommend trying it at least once, but I will warn you, the broth is a bit too vinegary for my tastes. Their thick, hand-pulled noodles made in-house are cooked al dente, just a little chewy to soak up that broth, or any sauce you choose. And its topped with plenty of green onions to round out the flavor nicely. I like the Hot Beef Noodles okay, but the real show stopper for me are the Tim Tim Sesame Noodles, pictured below.

The first time I ordered the Tim Tim Sesame Noodles at Monkey King Noodle Co it was at the suggestion of an employee at the Carrollton location. I explained that I didn’t want a soup, but I didn’t want the Sesame noodles because they were vegetarian, and I wanted some meat. This is why I love the service at MKNC, the employee was so helpful, saying that I should get the Sesame noodles, and he would add meat to it for me. I chose the pulled chicken.

When I tried the dish, I loved it, but it was missing the heat factor I love so much. I went back to my pal at the counter. He said that he adds their “death sauce” to his Tim Tim noodles when he eat it, but warned me to not add too much because its a VERY spicy, habanero based sauce. I carefully dipped a fork into the death sauce, and with just the sauce that coated the dipped fork, stirred into my noodles, my all-time favorite Monkey King Noodle Co dish was born.

Its nutty, spicy, and sweet all at the same time. The sauce is so thick that it sticks to the noodles like peanut butter, and the pulled chicken I added to the bowl is soft and falls apart in your mouth. The Hot Beef Noodles and the Dan Dan Pork Noodle Soup are fan favorites, but I urge everyone I talk to about Monkey King Noodle Co to try the Tim Tim noodles and add some death sauce. You won’t regret it.

The patio area is a fantastic place to sit and enjoy your “hot noodz” as they jokingly call them. When its not too hot out, they open the garage doors to create an indoor-outdoor seating area for everyone, and when its scorching out, they keep them closed for your air conditioned pleasure.

I love the family friendly atmosphere at the suburban Carrollton location, with a large slab of concrete next to the patio tables and buckets of sidewalk chalk for the kids to play with.

At the end of your spice-tacular meal, be sure to take advantage of the Cow Tipping Creamery food truck parked on site every day.

The CTC food truck is one of Dallas’s best ice cream restaurants on wheels, and nothing cools down your death-sauce taste buds better than a creamy, cold ice cream cone. Its a match made in foodie heaven.

Its hard to decide what makes Monkey King Noodle Co. so fantastic. Is it the knock-out flavors, or the oh-so-cool staff that makes you feel like your part of the “in crowd”? Is it the walk-up ordering window, the yummy dumplings dripping in soy sauce, the extra long noodles you slurp up out of your soup, or the ice cream truck waiting for you when your done? I guess every element of Monkey King is what make it so unique, and so successful.

If you haven’t already tried this Dallas favorite, its time to put away your take-out menus, and go!

Monkey King Noodle Company

$$$$ Chinese, Noodles

2933 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226 469-713-2648

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