Female Foodie San Antonio: Dough Pizzeria NapoletanaPizza everyday my friends! What is it about pizza that gives it the ability to always be an option? I’ve never thought, “ehh not in the mood for pizza.” Like, never ever. I’ve been frequenting this pizza joint for a while now and my cravings are only satiated for about a day/day and a half, and then I must have more!

Female Foodie San Antonio: Dough Pizzeria NapoletanaThis little pillow of heartbreak is a burrata ball. It’s the hotter, more established cousin to hand crafted mozzarella. The outer shell is solid Mozzarella, while the inside contains strands of Mozzarella and cream. This particular burrata is my favorite – filled with mascarpone, black truffle flakes and truffle essence. Along side heirloom tomatoes, rosemary balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil. You slice it down the middle, take warm fresh bread and drag it through the center of soft cheese nirvana, through the olive oil and balsamic, place in mouth then die and go to heaven. This is not an overstatement by any means, it’s creamy, rich, bold & delicate, slightly acidic but buttery and fresh. It might be all I want for mothers day this year.

Female Foodie San Antonio: Dough Pizzeria NapoletanaAnd then your get your pizza. Who knew, 90 seconds in an oven could bring such great things. Dough is a member of the Association of Neapolitan Pizzaioli (the Italian governing body that teaches art of Neapolitan pizza making and certifies adherence to authentic procedures) so they get it right in here y’all.

Female Foodie San Antonio: Dough Pizzeria NapoletanaThe dough has outstanding flavor and chew and the toppings are fresh, complimentary and well balanced. Their menu changes with the seasons, but their sausage, mozzarella and sauce are all house made and always set a perfect tone for whatever combinations they offer. Today, we ate like kings and ordered 3. The Pork love (sausage, Speck, Sopressata salami, pancetta, mozzarella and tomato sauce), The Prosciutto Cotto & Sausage with mozzarella, ricotta and basil and the Margherita pizza. They were all divine and something about a dollop of ricotta oozing over my bubbling pizza made it an extra great day.

I make it a point to try the margherita pizza whenever I go to new places serving pizza napoletana, it’s become a bench mark of sorts to hint at things to come. And it’s one of my most favorite foods. Their are just certain combinations that are timeless, and to me, that is one of them.

Female Foodie San Antonio: Dough Pizzeria NapoletanaI’ve also had their salads and many of the appetizers. If you love olives they have a great assortment of marinated, savory, salty, creamy ones served with a pepper kick. Their burrata bar will change your life and become the new thing you ALWAYS order when you go. Their salads are fresh with locally sourced ingredients and a great start to the pizzas. This is a place where you can kind of get out of your comfort zone, if you have one, and try new things. We always order a handful of small pizzas so we can get a good variety in. Unless I’m having a mom moment, in which case I order a huge one and sit in my car and eat it all myself before going home to put away the groceries I just bought. Pizza forever!

Female Foodie San Antonio: Dough Pizzeria NapoletanaDough – Pizzeria Napoletana (6989 Blanco Rd. San Antonio, TX // 210.979.6565)