Two years ago, you could have found me here:
Kuraburi, Thailand. I was lucky enough to volunteer in the southern part of the countryside for just over four weeks.  Third hut in from your right was “home”.
Customary to any international travel, I was immersed into a completely new culture of food (bliss). My place was within walking distance of markets, small restaurants, and villagers who invited me into their homes for dinner.
Some of the best produce I’ve consumed to date. Mangos, papaya, and apples- oh my.
Lucky for me, I was able to take a handful of Thai cooking classes.

  We made some deLICIOUS dishes filled with new and exciting flavors.
Kai lookuey. Deep fried hard boiled eggs topped with fried and fresh onions and a tamarind sauce.
 Tom Yum Kung- a flavorful soup infused with ginger and lemongrass. Also served with prawns, greens, and tomato.
Pad Thai. Classic. Commonplace. Best you’ve ever had.
Aside from these delectable delicacies, the dish I unquestionably consumed the most was curry.

  Massaman curry. Green curry.  Yellow curry. You name it.  Hands down the most served and consumed dish around.
As you can imagine.  I was delighted to come across Ekamai in my very own city.  Great price, perfect location, annnnnnnnd (you guessed it) CURRY.
In fact, the CLOSEST I’ve ever come to those oh-so-flavorful dishes I consumed in the Orient. This Panang Curry was the perfect combination of coconut and kick.  So true to the real deal, infact, that I began to feel like I was re-living a memory.  Tastes, smells, sounds.  You know the feeling.

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