I first encountered this French chain in New York City. Mother and I tried
some Quiche for our last meal in the big city.  I remember it being so delicious.
I love quiche and this particular slice was excellent. While Mother was visiting
in Madrid this fall we passed a location in the city I was completely unaware
of.  I returned a few weeks later and frequented the place for the remainder of
my stay, always making sure to start my meal(s) with a cup of hot chocolate.
They make a delicious paella.  Paella: my favorite Spanish dish. Slow cooked
rice, vegetables (peppers, beans, carrots, mushrooms), meat (chicken, sausage,
seafood).  Filling. The host family I lived with concocted an amazing paella.
El Pain Quotidien always serves their meals with some of their home-made
bread. Several different loaves and pastries each day.
Paella Valencia (Chicken Paella).

El Pain Quotidien

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