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Anybody out there love ice cream? Silly question.

Anyone out there NOT like ice cream?

Though there are some people in the world that dislike the world’s favorite chilled treat, ice cream is generally one of the most popular desserts in the world. Creamy, cold, and delicious, it’s the perfect way to satisfy everyone–especially with those who like different flavors!

Here in Kansas City, ice cream is definitely one of the favorite treats to get, especially when it gets warm outside.

But, despite the fact that it’s finally getting to fall weather out here, ice cream is still on the top of our list, especially when seasonal flavors come out.

So, when we heard about a new place that had opened down in Waldo (an area south of Kansas City proper) we knew we had to try it.

And then when EVERYONE on social media started talking about it, we knew we had to try it ASAP.

We took a trip down to Kansas City’s Betty Rae’s and were NOT DISAPPOINTED. Not only were the flavors amazing, but the waffle cones were some of the best we’ve ever tasted (and seen). With a really soft, thick, and buttery cone, they were the perfect addition to the fun flavors Betty Rae’s had to offer, like Black Ice Cream, Lemon Poppyseed Cake, and Brown Butter and Toasted Pecan, our personal favorite.

Though we don’t drink alcohol, another benefit of Betty Rae’s is that they offer boozy shakes and floats, which are extremely popular. 

One of our favorite moments though was chatting with the owner, David. He and his wife started Betty Rae’s earlier this year after meeting at another ice cream store during college in Columbia, MO. After moving back to Kansas City, they loved the idea of opening an ice cream store so much that they decided to open Betty Rae’s. He also explained to us how he came up with ideas for ice cream flavors, emphasizing that they try and avoid going out to other ice cream stores so that their ideas are purely their own.
After enjoying the quaint and trendy shop and enjoying a taste of freshly made Smores ice cream (to DIE for), we walked away with a new favorite ice cream shop. And though I thought about asking for a couple of waffle cones to go, there’s always next time!
Betty Rae’s (7140 Wornall Rd. KCMO, 64114 // 816.237.1168)

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