Lemonade at Lemonade in California. Yum!If you’re a southern California local, chances are you like a fresh, healthy meal on a warm beachy day, washed down with a perfect glass of cold lemonade. If so, I’ve got just the place for you. On a recent trip to Newport Beach, my husband and I were craving something light after a perfect day at the beach, so we headed over to Fashion Island to peruse the shops and find something to eat. We had heard lots about Lemonade, so when we spotted it, we decided we would try it out.

Lemonade restaurant in CaliforniaLemonade is set up cafeteria style and they have tons of options to choose from. You can fill a plate with different types of salad, put together a sandwich, fill up a bowl of soup, or a combination of any of the above. My husband and I decided to share a plate from the Marketplace (salad bar), grab a couple other sides to try them out, and of course, a cold glass of lemonade for each of us.

Our five choices from the Marketplace were as follows: wild arugula & Asian pears, soba noodles & kimchi vegetables, orecchiette pasta & cherry tomatoes, BLT panzanella, and New Mexican roasted butternut squash. They were all delicious, although my husband wasn’t a huge fan of the soba noodles. We especially loved the BLT panzanella – mixed with turkey, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and topped with an arugula vinaigrette.

Marketplace salads at Lemonade in California. Yum!On top of that, we ordered a bowl of the white truffle mac & cheese (because how could we not) and a smoked brisket. The mac & cheese was to-die-for and I would definitely go back again and again just for that! The ____ was amazing as well and I’ve definitely craved it on a couple cold days back here in Utah. Our meal was rounded off with a giant macaron and a cute cupcake. We had so much to eat and we wanted to finish it all, which was not easy or possible. That just means we have to go back to try more, right?

White truffle mac & cheese at Lemonade in California. Yum!Cupcakes & macarons at Lemonade in California. Yum!Of course, we can’t forget the star of the show: the lemonade! We both got the mango lemonade and it was the best decision ever made. Their lemonade is perfection in a cup and I can’t wait till my next trip to Newport so I can sip on it in that California sunshine!

Have you ever been to Lemonade? What flavors and dishes should I try next time?

Marketplace salads at Lemonade in California. Yum!Soups and mac & cheese at Lemonade in California. Yum!Lemonade (987 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach // 949.717.7525)