Best Restaurants in Park City: 15 Top Picks from a Local

I love Park City. There is something so magical about the majestic ski slopes paired with historic Main Street, the buzz of the Sundance Film Festival each winter, and the inevitable conglomeration of restaurants to choose from. With Park City being one of Utah’s hottest spots for travel, it takes the time and knowledge of a native to sort out the tourist traps from the local gems.

Let’s face it- Park City Restaurants are more spendy than anything most are used to down in Salt Lake City. For that reason alone, this post is dedicated to the best restaurants in Park City- restaurants that are worth your time and hard earned money. I’ve done all the research and provided 5 recommendations for thrifty, mid-range, and fine dining options. My hope is that next time you find yourself headed to the mountains with friends or family, there’ll be incredible food to accompany those memories. Thanks for stopping by! Please note that contrary to my usual posts, these restaurants are listed in no particular order. This post has been updated since its original publish date.



A list of 5 best restaurants in Park City that are easier on the wallet or “budget friendly”. Keep in mind that budget friendly here is not like a budget meal anywhere else. All Park City Restaurants on this list can be eaten at for $20 or less per person.

15. Deer Valley Grocery Cafe

I am over the moon with how incredible of a culinary experience Deer Valley has brought to Park City. And although there’s much to choose from, I prefer starting a day out in Park City at the Grocery Cafe. It’s easy to pull right up to this cozy location. The Deer Valley Grocery Cafe has a simple yet classic breakfast menu including homemade coconut yogurt, avocado beet toast, or their southwestern breakfast wrap, no doubt adding themselves to our list of best restaurants in Park City. They’re also open for lunch year-round and until 7 p.m. during the winter for all of your post-ski cravings.

Menu favorites: The Lox Plate- smoked salmon, baby heirloom tomatoes, caper berries, fennel pollen chive cream cheese, micro greens, pea shoots, pickled red onions, all served with a toasted everything bagel. Skillet Fired Dutch baby- Lemon ricotta pancake with blueberries, raspberries, orange vanilla bean butter, topped with powdered sugar. Deer valley Grocery Cafe (1375 Deer Valley Drive, Park City, UT // 435.615.2400)

14. El Chubasco

El Chubasco is usually the first to mind when I recommend a budget friendly Park City restaurant. Located just off of Prospector Avenue, and nestled between other shops and small restaurants in a strip-mall setting, El Chubasco is our go-to for no-fail delicious Mexican grub. I love their fast casual layout and swoon over the unforgettable salsa bar with over one dozen homemade salsas. A great fuel stop before or after a day on the powdery slopes.

Menu favorites: The Taco Salad- Greens, tomatoes, rice, black beans, guacamole, cheese, and crema served with your choice of shredded beef, asada, chicken, or carnitas in a gigantic flour tortilla bowl. Mexican Style Tacos- your choice of meat served with cilantro and onion. Don’t forget a side of rice and beans! El Chubasco (1890 Bonanza Dr Suite 115, Park City, UT // 435.645.9114)

13. Five 5eeds

One of the newest Park City restaurants is Five 5eeds, an American restaurant with Australian influence that serves delicious and fresh food in a bright and inviting environment. Five 5eeds is located on Snow Creek Drive, just off of Park Ave. It’s a great place for breakfast before heading out on the mountain for the day or lunch with family or friends. The menu items at Five 5eeds are sourced locally and focus on seasonal ingredients.

Menu favorites: Hotcakes- beautiful (and huge) pancake served with mixed berries, lemon infused marscapone, nuts, and seeds. Smashed avo on toast- exactly what it sounds like. Smashed avocado, watercress, grape tomato and white radish salad, romesco and corn relish. Pulled Pork Benedict- pulled pork, poached egg, toast, rich apple cider hollandaise, apples. Five 5eeds (1600 Snow Creek Drive EF, Park City, UT // 435.901.8242)

12. Ganesh Indian Cuisine

Thank heavens for delicious, affordable Indian food. If you’re in Park City and searching for an incredible, Indian home-cooked meal, look no further. Ganesh Indian Cuisine is located in the same Prospector neighborhood just off of Sidewinder drive. It’s the perfect Park City restaurant for a casual one-on-one date setting or a spot for the entire family to gather. The service is exceptional and the food matches those same standards.

Menu favorites: Chili Chicken- a great appetizer to share between two or three people. Fried chicken with Indian spices and chili peppers served on a sizzling hot platter. Chicken Tikka Masala- breast meat barbecued in a tandoor oven, cooked with garlic, ginger, tomatoes, spices, and cream. Great to order as part of a family style order for dinner or as part of their lunch special served with two soups, sweet mango pickles, raita (yogurt with onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers) and an Indian dessert. Ganesh Indian Cuisine (1811 Sidewinder Drive, Park City, UT // 435.538.4110)

11. Freshies Lobster Co

I am so excited to not only feature Freshies on this list of the best restaurants in Park City but also announce that their brand new storefront is finally open! Freshies Lobster Co has been serving fresh Maine lobster to Park City locals since 2009 from their ever popular food truck and farmers market booth. Just as delicious (if not better) than some of the popular lobster rolls I’ve sampled on the east coast, Freshies does an outstanding job serving a simple, and unbeatable sandwich that has smitten the hearts of foodies from all over the world.

Menu favorite: Real Mainah Lobster Roll- a toasted New England hot dog bun with fresh lobster, mayo, hot butter, and seasoning. Truly love at first bite and bound to convince any non-seafood lovers to change their mind. I dare you to find a better Lobster Roll in the entire state of Utah. Freshies Lobster Co (1897 Prospector Ave, Park City, UT // 435.631.9861)

Mid Range Park City Restaurants

A list of 5 of the best restaurants in Park City that I consider in line with true Park City pricing, more specifically in the $20-50 range per person. These locations are specifically recommended for food enthusiasts who are willing to spend a penny or two more on their meal in Park City.

10. Yuki Yama Sushi

No great foodie destination is complete without a sushi restaurant you can count on. Yuki Yama was opened by Chef Kirk Terashima and Matt Baydaya with a menu featuring fresh fish flown in daily from around the world. Their kitchen menu, equally as innovative, includes different Asian inspired dishes with outstanding flavors and textures. I included Yuki Yama on this list of best restaurants in Park City because of the incredible lengths they take to go the extra mile.

Menu Favorites: Baby Back Ribs- five baby back ribs prepared with a jalapeno and teriyaki chocolate glaze. Omakase Nigiri- my number one recommendation to the adventurous foodie willing to try a dish that truly highlights the creativity and uniqueness of Yuki Yama. This gorgeous and delectable dish includes 9 chef’s choice pieces of nigiri sushi, each with a special garnish and sauce. It’s an off the menu item and available to order at the sushi bar. Yuki Yama Sushi (586 Main Street, Park City, UT // 435.649.6293)

9. Tupelo

Situated right on historic Main Street, Tupelo showcases an immaculate menu of globally inspired food, all artisanally sourced thanks to executive chef and owner Matt Harris’s. His farm-to-table approach to high end dining manifests in his seasonally changing menu from warm kale salad to Rocky Mountain elk bolognese to roasted Utah trout. Although most familiar to Tupelo choose to enjoy a meal here for dinner, we chose to highlight some of our favorite menu items off their lunch menu, seeing that not all upscale main street locations are open before 5:00 p.m.

Menu Favorites: Buttermilk Biscuits- fresh, flaky homemade buttermilk biscuits served with honey butter straight from heaven. This is the perfect appetizer to share with 2-4 people as you’re finalizing orders and preparing for a hearty, farm-to-table experience. Grilled Cheese- prepared with pimento cheddar, and a tomato bacon jam served alongside literally the best creamy tomato soup I have ever had. Be prepared to feel the essence of comfort. Tupelo (508 Main Street, Park City, UT // 435.615.7700)

8. Handle

If you’re in the foodie know at all and have talked to anyone about the best restaurants in Park City, Handle inevitably comes up in conversation. Founded by Executive Chef Briar Handly, Melissa Gray, and Meagan Nash, Handle serves American cuisine, small plate style. Their menu changes seasonally and allows each diner to order from an incredible selection of small bites, cold dishes, hot dishes, hearty plates, and, of course, dessert.

Menu favorites: The Buffalo Cauliflower- a long standing menu item at Handle and a frequently ordered menu item consisting of fresh cauliflower cooked in a traditional buffalo hot wing sauce served with an assortment of seasonal vegetables and blue cheese. Parsnips- cured overnight in salt and sugar, smoked, and finished in maple syrup and butter. These bacon-resembling parsnips are paired with candied mustard seeds, roasted red beets, and apples. This parsnip dish is new to Handle’s winter menu for the 2017 season. Handle (136 Heber Avenue, Park City, UT // 435.602.1155)

7. Purple Sage

Purple Sage is one of my newest favorites among the best restaurants in Park City. Originally the Rocky Mountain Bell telephone building, dating back to as early as the 1880’s and currently on the national historic registry, Purple Sage has a rustic and timeless interior that will make any guest feel like they’ve traveled back into the 19th century. This western-themed restaurant boasts an incredible menu filled with comfort food classics as well as new and innovative twists on what has been explained as “fancy cowboy food”.  The cuisine at Purple Sage is infused with a predominant chile flavor that gives it a warm, comforting finish to every dish.

Menu favorites: Grilled Skuna Bay Salmon- a grilled, craft raised, salmon filet served atop parmesan and chile heirloom corn grits with braised greens and a Meyer Lemon and dill butter.  Sugar and Chile Cured Duck- duck two ways, both seared and roasted Mapleleaf Farms duck breast and a confit leg of duck on green chili mac ‘n’ cheese with sautéed sugar snap peas. Purple Sage (434 Main Street, Park City, UT // 435.655.9505)

6. Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi

There is something for everyone at Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi. Named after the owner’s black lab who was blinded in an accident, this family ran establishment serves a variety of soup & salad, vegetarian dishes, seafood, red meat, and of course, sushi.

Menu favorites: The lollipop roll-  one of their most popular. Prepared with tuna, salmon, escolar, mango, sprouts, green onion, avocado, all rapped in cucumber, this riceless roll is a healthy and refreshing sushi roll. Divers scallops- lightly seared, served over creamy yukon gold mashed potatoes with an array of micro greens including thai mint, parsley, sprouts, and daikon. The Yardbird- panko fried chicken side that has been sous vide and panko fried. Served with a lemon caper sauce atop homemade mashed potatoes. Blind Dog Restaurant & Sushi (1251 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT // 435.655.0800)

5. High West Distillery & Saloon

Hello and ode to High West Distillery, my new favorite spot for my new and absolute favorite burger in the state of Utah! But before I get to that let’s talk about the history of High West. Founded in 2009 by Jane and David Perkins, High West became the first legal distillery in the state of Utah since 1870. Now, with four separate locations and a saloon to pair with delicious food, High West has become an essential stop at Old Town Park City for locals and tourists alike and is clearly one of the best restaurants in Park City. I’m a big fan of their down-to-earth, lunch and dinner menu filled with some of the most delicious food you’ll ever set eyes on.

Menu favorites: Pretzel & Beer Cheese- house made pretzel served with whiskey and beer cheese, homemade mustard dip, and pickles. This isn’t the pretzel you ordered at your high school football game. The High West Burger- a beautiful 8 oz. blend of bison and beef served with broiled aged gruyere, blue cheese, BBQ glazed sweet onion, crispy fried shallots, all served on a homemade house caraway bun with hand cut fries. High West Distillery & Saloon (703 Park Ave, Park City, UT // 435.649.8300)


A list of 5 best restaurants in Park City that are the cream of the crop, or the “creme de la creme” as some would put it. These restaurants are a good fit for you if: 1) you’re looking to splurge on a special occasion, more specifically $50 and upwards per person, 2) when you want to make an impression on your boss, prospective father-in-law, or that special someone, 3) simply put- you want a fantastic, knock-em dead, stupidly delicious meal.

4. J & G Grill

After visiting the J & G grill at Deer Valley’s St. Regis this fall for the first time I was smitten at first bite and immediately knew that this was one of the best restaurants in Park City. Chef Rachel Wiener has formulated a winter menu that is sure to please food enthusiasts from all walks with her impressive ability to combine traditional with innovative and serve dishes with presentation and flavor that are unparalleled in Park City. Although the J & G Grill serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I recommend spending the better part of an evening in their immaculate yet intimate restaurant, working your way through the menu, course by course.

Menu Favorites: Housemade Burrata- with a  cranberry, fennel, and elderflower compote, topped with micro arugula and micro basil, served with grilled toast. Slow Cooked Norwegian Organic Salmon- flown in six days of the week, served on a galangal with sautéed spinach, snow peas, and pea shoots, and garnished with Vietnamese mint oil and pickled green peppercorns. Snake River Farms Grilled Pork Chop- served with a quince puree, sautéed spicy kale, cocoa essence, and a vanilla oil. J & G Grill (2300 Deer Vally Drive E, Park City, UT // 435.940.5760)

3. Grappa Italian Restaurant

When you talk to Park City locals about the best fine dining options in town, Grappa will inevitably be one of the first mentions. Founder Chef Bill White, native of Traverse City, Michigan and world traveler opened Grappa (formerly operated as a bed and breakfast) in 1993. Today Bill White Enterprises encompasses seven restaurants, a bakery, one farm, and many more enterprises to come. I love the variety you can find on the menu at Grappa but my absolute favorite is the Bill White original, Osso Bucco- slow braised veal shank, lightly floured, braised, and slowly cooked for up to 8 hours, served with creamy polenta, caramelized brussels sprouts, pancetta, rich red wine tomato jus, and a toasted pine nut gremolata.
Other menu favorites: Grapes & Gorgonzola- sweet red grapes, roasted walnuts, gorgonzola, served with a red wine vinaigrette. Seared Duck & Risotto- confit duck leg served with a butternut squash risotto, grilled broccolini, and port agrodulce.  Grappa Italian Restaurant (151 Main St, Park City, UT // 435.649.3536)

2. Riverhorse On Main

The Riverhorse on Main is a clean, spectacular fine dining institution located on historic Main Street and is one of the best restaurants in Park City. This gorgeous space hosts food enthusiasts from all over the world each year who come back for some of the best bites they have ever had in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. If you’re looking for an elegant evening out with a significant other, or a place to celebrate a special occasion with family or friends, Riverhorse on Main is the perfect destination. The incredible presentation at Riverhorse is always matched by the sophisticated and pronounced flavors in each dish.

Menu favorites: Roasted Red & Candy Stripe Beets- served with a local feta vinaigrette, baby lettuce, pistachios, basil essence, and blackberry. Pan Roasted Chilean Seabass- prepared with a wild mushroom consomme, cellophane noodles, spinach, chili lime essence. Riverhorse on Main (540 Main St, Park City, UT // 435.649.3536)

1. Powder

If you need one excuse to venture over to the Waldorf Astoria in Park City, make it a meal at their high-end restaurant, Powder. I am absolutely smitten by their exquisite menu sourced by local ingredients. Their menu changes seasonally and they offer breakfast, lunch, apres, and dinner for all those who wish to dine. Current menu favorites include the local cheese and charcuterie board. This is one of the best I have ever had and it currently includes crostini, mountain bread, salumi piccante, wild board salsichon, traditional salumi, iberico ham, soppressata, white cheddar, goat cheese, marcona almonds, cranberry mustard, apricots,  cornichons with mustard seeds, olives, dried cranberries, and lardon.

For first course, or pasta, the butternut capellini comes with my highest of recommendations. This is truly one of the best (and most beautiful) pasta dishes I have ever had! The pasta is served in a butternut squash puree, presented with pomegranate seeds, burnt honey vinaigrette, and grana padano.

There are so many incredible choices when selecting a main course at Powder, but the Snake River Farms Wagyu Bavette is at the top of my list! This beautiful cut of meal is served alongside roasted fingerling potatoes, earthy carrots, broccolini for crunch and texture, a little bit of kale, all topped on a delicious and flavorful chermoula sauce. A great spot to dine whether you’re recovering after a long day of skiing or making reservations for a special night out. Don’t forget to save room for dessert! Powder (2100 Frostwood Drive, Park City, UT // 435.647.5500)

Did you like this post featuring the best restaurants in Park City?? Check out my list of Top 10 Places to Eat in Salt Lake City or download my FREE bucket list of 100 Salt Lake City Restaurants!

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  1. Your list is spot on! I work in the same building as the grocery cafe and it is impossible to resist their curry wrap. I ate at Ganesh for the first time a couple days ago and am really glad to see it included on this list. – Heather @

    1. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for the kind words. The folks at Yuki Yama recommended Ganesh and it was love at first bite! Haven’t tried the curry wrap at the grocery cafe- can’t wait to try it next time. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Good Stuff,
    Moving to Park City in May and can’t wait to try out some of the restaurants, mouth was watering just looking at the food.

  3. Hi Brooke,
    We live in SLC, but recently bought a ski condo in Park City to rent out to guests. We’ve spent a little time doing “market research” on the food scene (rough job) & we have loved some of the same restaurants you highlighted. Would you be okay if I shared your link with the guests that stay at our place? I have descriptions of our favorite places, but would love some additional recommended dining options especially for upper end dining.

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment- this post definitely took a lot of research and time so I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed it!! I would absolutely love it if you shared with your guests- hoping that helps them have an awesome dining experience here in Park City. Let me know if you need anything else! -Brooke

  4. Love this list Brooke! I live in Heber but my husband and I frequently spend date night in Park City. Your top five thrifty spots are identical to our favorites. I especially love seeing Ganesh on your list! It’s such a hidden gem. The food is always spot on and like you said, the service is fantastic. I’ve tried a couple of the spots on the more pricey list and can’t wait to check out the rest!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn! Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words. How FUN that you live in Heber- I’m totally jealous! Glad that you like my recommendations. Ganesh is the BOMB! Really impressed with their delicious (and affordable) great Indian cuisine! Hope you like the others. 🙂

  5. excelent list , congratulations, and very well explained.

    is great to have a list done with woman taste, Im sure it is the best way to impress our wife.

  6. Looking for the very best high end restaurant in Park City. I have analized your list but would like you to tell me which out of the 5/6 you recommended was very best?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jenny! Ohhhh that is so hard! If you’re looking for high end food with a high end/swanky ambiance, I’d recommend going with either the J & G grill or Powder. They’re both housed in stunning gorgeous buildings and work mostly with high end clientele. They both also have the spending power to source really incredible ingredients for their kitchens. If you’d like something high end but local, I’d go for Grappa! Definitely a special occasion location that’s high end but there’s a more intimate feel in their Italian restaurant. I think that the local’s favorite on this list would likely be Riverhorse- right on main and incredible food. My personal favorite on the high end list, however, would probably be Zoom. While their price point is certainly high end, the ambiance is a little more casual. I’m also really loyal to them because I love the history behind their restaurant and we’ve had incredible experiences not only at Zoom but all of their restaurants over at Sundance. Sorry that I couldn’t pin point one high end spot, but I hope that helps!

    2. I can’t help noticing you didn’t include the Edge Steakhouse. It’s at Canyons and is one of the best restaurants anywhere. It’s high end and it has a wonderful wine list.

  7. Although I lived in Park City for a summer about twenty years ago , I am back having recently purchased a home in Deer Valley . Your list is spot on , and I can’t wait to try a few of the newer places ..
    Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare such an eloquent list . Very glad I stumbled into it. !

  8. Longtime local here.
    Freshies is delicious but not at all cheap eats. 1 roll is $20, a cup of soup is $10.
    We’ve been to Ganesh and had absolutely awful service. The food was good but it took 2 hours and the order was incorrect. I won’t go back. Good Karma is a much better option.
    Riverhorse is hands down my favorite fine dining option, but the Seafood Buffet at Deer Valley is a close second.

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by. If you read the introductory paragraph to this section of “thrifty” (definitely not cheap) restaurants, I clearly specify that “budget friendly here is not like a budget meal anywhere else. All Park City Restaurants on this list can be eaten at for $20 or less per person”. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience at Ganesh. When we went the service was fantastic and the food wonderful. I felt that Good Karma was very overpriced and not a location I’d send friends or family. Have a great summer!

  9. Thanks for the suggestions! We are headed to Park City for our Anniversary and I wanted to find a place I can get all dressed up to go and fine dine! Any suggestions for a dress up joint with a great steak?


    1. Hi there- and happy anniversary! For a dress up spot and a great steak I’d recommend the J & G grill, Powder, or Riverhorse on Main (all in that lowest section on the post). I hope that helps! All three of those locations change their menus though so check online to make sure if your heart is set on steak! 🙂

        1. Ruth’s Chris is definitely on a lot of people’s lists, but we felt like with others that serve excellent cuts of local steak on this list (Riverhorse, J & G Grill, Powder, etc.), that there wasn’t a need to include them.

  10. Hi Brooke

    I enjoyed reading your post and plan to visit many of the restaurants on your list. We will being skiing at PC during Sundance, any suggestions on how to obtain a reservation at some of the more elegant restaurants on the list?



    1. Hi Mike! Thank you so much- I’m so happy that you liked our recommendations! My best suggestion for landing a reservation would be to call them asap- I have listed phone numbers for each restaurant in the post. I hope that helps- good luck!

  11. Hi Brooke, great article! What’s your recommendation for a romantic dinner between Park City and Midway (preferably something in Midway)?

    1. Note: we’ll be doing a hayride after, so won’t really be able to dress up. So nice, quaint and romantic, but doesn’t require fancy dress. Thanks!

      1. Good to know- you should be okay to go to blue boar. Or if you have a little extra time go down Provo Canyon for an amazing meal at the foundry grill at Sundance (Casual dress okay there too).

  12. Hi Brooke,

    I just wanted to thank you for this list as well as many other recommendations we gleaned from your website. We spent a week in Utah in late October and used your recommendations to eat at both Grappa and Chimayo from this list as well as Pig and Jelly Jar, The Red Iguana and others you recommended in SLC. Our trip would not have been as great without those recommendations.

    Again, a huge thanks for an excellent website. And now we know when we go to other places you have been to that even though you are much younger than us, you have quite the educated palette. Your recommendations were spot on.

    BTW: We liked Chimayo a bunch more than Grappa. Thought Grappa was not worth the money but Chimayo worth every cent.

    1. Hi Jim- thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It truly made my day! My whole mission at Female Foodie is to help people find great food whether they’re at home or traveling, so to hear that you were able to eat at (and enjoy) some of my favorite spots in Utah makes me so happy. I hope that you can come back soon to visit and that you’ll find other great spots outside of SLC that our team has recommended. Good to know that you liked Chimayo more than Grappa- they are under the same ownership and I’m always interested to hear what different diners prefer. Happy Holidays!

  13. Great post! Your pics are amazing.

    I will be in PC solo, open to low to high-end options. Any recommendations for a spot with a bar to eat at?

    1. Hi Eric! Thank you so much- I hope that you find some places you love! In terms of spots with a bar…. from this list I believe that Sammy’s, Yuki Yama, Handle, Blind Dog, High West, and the J and G Grill have bars. Good luck! 🙂

  14. You list is spot on. Too bad a couple have closed. I would suggest Goldener Hirsch at Silverlake (Deer Valley)

  15. We have out of town relatives coming to visit and we wanted to spoil them with a nice evening out in Park City. Ruverhorse has been an all time favorite but we haven’t tried J and G yet. Since its at the top of your list we’ll give it’s try. Thanks for the research and suggestions.

    1. Hi Katie! Riverhorse is one of my favorites too- I think that if you like the food there you will really enjoy J&G Grill- fantastic food and gorgeous restaurant. Let me know what you think! 🙂

  16. Hi Brooke-
    My family (husband, mother, 6 and 8 yo girls and I are traveling to Park City over Christmas. I’m wondering if you can recommend good eats for the whole family during that time. I have heard great things about Fireside and the Seafood Buffet at Deer Valley. I’m also interested in riverhorse but am not clear if it’s goid for kids. We have four dinners there and I would like xmas to be special. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!! Cynthia

    1. Hi Cynthia! How exciting that you’ll be in PC for Christmas! I think the food at Fireside is good but not my favorite (why it isn’t on this list). The Seafood Buffet at Deer Valley is a good option for families and for special occasions too (again- I just picked my favorites for this list). I don’t see why Riverhorse wouldn’t be a great option for kids if they’re decently behaved. The food is fantastic there and if you want something memorable it would be a GREAT spot!

      1. Thank you Brooke. I was wondering if you could recommend any other family friendly restaurants with great food for adults in Park City. Appreciate it. Love your blog.

        1. All of my Park City recommendations will be on this list for the best food- can you tell me what would make the restaurant family friendly? To be honest almost all of these restaurants are nicer places to eat, which goes with the territory when it comes to Park City.

  17. Enjoy your comments. My family, 5 adults including then 6 month pregnant daughter in law, are coming to PC for Thanksgiving. Don’t think we are interested in the $80+ buffets but wonder if you have any recommendations that might not be quite as expensive, pre-fix or buffet are both fine.

    1. Hi Jim! Happy that you’ll be able to spend some time with your family in PC this year. #s 5-10 on this list are my “mid range” picks for great restaurants in Park City, meaning they’re nicer spots but they certainly won’t be $80/person. I hope that helps!

  18. This is an interesting list, we’re in PC for 2 weeks and I’m adding Ganesh to my “must list” before we leave. I have to say, I’m a little tired of seeing Grappa on everyone’s best list, I’ve always felt it’s the most over-rated restaurant in PC, but to each their own. Have you had a chance to try Fletcher’s? It’s our favorite at the moment, highly recommend the short rib with mashed potato instead of grits. The chef is so hospitable, we always feel so welcome. Really enjoying your blog!

    1. Hi Amber- thanks so much! We had to keep the post to just our favorites, but the short rib sounds amazing- I’ll have to try it! Thanks again for the kind words. Glad you are finding new places to eat. 🙂

  19. When was this written? Headed to PC 19-24 and would love some recs on where to eat. This list is amazing, but wanna make sure it’s not outdated before I start making resos.
    We will have 4 kids (5&7×2) and 6 adults. We plan on doing 1 or 2 nights without kids….and the other with. The kids are well behaved and use to eating out at nice restaurants. What would you suggest for nights without them and then the nights with?! We are up for going over to Deer Valley, too. Thanks sooo much!!!

    1. Hi Shaara- this post is updated every year! This is our list of the best Park City restaurants currently. I can’t speak from personal experience on which places would be good with kids but if I were to go to any of these places as an “adults only” type of meal I’d recommend yuki yama, handle, high west, or any of the places under the “fine dining” section. Hope that helps!