Peace Hotel: The Cathay Room

 Seeing the Bund (famous historic and architectural district) in Shanghai- something that
had been on my list of things to do for the recent trip to China with Mother. Leanna, our
amazing host and friend told us that that Bund would be best by night. “Spectacular!” 
After enjoying the lights and view she suggested we take a look at the historic 
Peace Hotel just around the corner. 

 After taking the elevator a few floors up we entered the beautiful Cathay Room at the top of the
hotel. The Cathay Room overlooks the Bund and has such a clean, rich, and special feeling to it- 
quite the contrast to the hustle and bustle of the Shanghai streets.

 We walked in just before close, but the server was kind enough to let us sit for dessert.

 Gorgeous table settings, a menu that encouraged a return for dinner, and the entire place to ourselves.

 Dessert #1: Dark chocolate cake concoction with a scoop of chocolate gelato.
For some it’d be too much, but for me it was perfect. Mmm. 

 Dessert #2: Tart with fruit sorbet. Mother’s favorite.

Dessert #3: Pound cake with vanilla ice cream. Delicious as well, but not as mouth watering 
as the first two. Loved enjoying the dessert, company, and view from the Cathay Room. Will 
definitely return next time for another delicious dessert (at least)!

The Cathay Room
[Fairmont Peace Hotel]
20 Nanjing Road East
Shanghai, China
+68 21 6321 6888

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