Best Pizza in Orem: Pizzeria 712Because I’ve worked in pizzerias for what seems to be my entire life (not really but really), I’ve had this restaurant recommended to me at *least* a dozen times. I finally made a special trip to Utah County for a much needed lunch with my BFF and a margherita pie from Pizzeria 712.

Best Pizza in Orem: Pizzeria 712 We had a really great experience at P712 (see what I did there??). Our server was incredibly thoughtful, the overall ambiance was clean and bright, and the food was delicious.

We started off with our server’s recommendation for salad, the baby kale with pomegranate seeds and roasted pumpkin seeds served with a “green goddess dressing”. How’s that for regal?? I’m not a huge fan of kale but both Lauren and I LOVED this salad.

The creamy dressing evens out that bitter bite that kale usually brings and has a delicious basil infused after taste. Yum.

Best Pizza in Orem: Pizzeria 712  Best Pizza in Orem: Pizzeria 712 I’m a sucker for a classic margherita pizza, because, as Da Vinci puts it, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Some things are left better untampered. Loved this wood-fired pizza made with fresh mozzarella, local roma tomatoes, and basil. The local tomatoes give the sauce a sweeter taste (in fact, sweeter than I’m used to), but was still delicious. As in I ate my whole pie and a little bit of Lauren’s delicious. Without question the best pizza in Utah County. A great place for something between casual and upscale with fresh, local ingredients and delicious Italian fare.

Best Pizza in Orem: Pizzeria 712Pizzeria 712 (320 South State Street, Orem // 801.623.6712)