Provo: Brassas Mexican Grill

Tucked behind NuSkin and the Provo City Center Temple is one of Provo’s best Mexican eateries, Brassas Mexican Grill. Brassas has been one of my favorite places since I moved to Provo for school three years ago and I still go there on a near weekly basis, which says a lot! Brassas, a family-owned business, serves up authentic, fresh, and flavorful Mexican dishes, all of which are accompanied by a gorgeous view of the mountains. The relatively hidden position of their cabana makes it an ideal place to hang out and catch up with friends, all over a hearty meal of Mexican food.

 The staff are friendly, service is quick, and there’s always good music playing. What more could you ask for?

One of my favorite items on the extensive Brassas menu is the Taco Loco, which falls under the Speciality Tacos section. Served with 6 flour or corn tortillas, the Taco Loco consists of bacon, pico, onions, green peppers, steak, and chicken all smothered in cheese. It’s definitely one of my go-to orders. So good my best friend and her boyfriend decided to get the same thing! With two orders of Taco Loco and four individual tacos between the three of us, all we needed to do was stock up on salsas (they have several ranging from mild to very hot), onions, and limes from the salsa bar and we were ready to dig in.

With hot corn tortillas, smoky and perfectly seasoned meat, fresh herbs, and generous helpings of salsa and guacamole, Brassas hit the spot once again. The cooks definitely know their flavors!

Another thing I love about Brassas is that there is almost always enough for me to take home leftovers.

Who doesn’t love leftovers?! I went home with a third of my box of Taco Loco meat, even after stuffing my six tortillas. I put my leftovers to good use by using the meat to top my avocado toast the next morning, but I could think of a hundred different ways to use them. It never hurts to try something new!

Brassas has Taco Happy Hour from 4-5 every weekday, so be sure to stop by for a taste!

Brassas ( 238 W 100 S, Provo, UT // (801) 375-0240 )

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  1. Hey, I am the “best friend’s boyfriend” that is mentioned in this article. My name is Tyler Whited and this article is 110% true. We love Brassas and I also had 1/3rd of my taco loco left over, which I used the next morning to make a serving of fried rice with eggs that fed 3 people with enough left over for another meal.