Brunch at Communal in Provo | femalefoodie.comSaturday brunch is a sacred tradition within my group of friends. I wanted to have a little reunion with some of my best friends from my recent study abroad to the British Isles, and brunch seemed to be the perfect meal to catch up over. Sadly, downtown Provo doesn’t offer much in terms of restaurants that have a dedicated Saturday brunch menu, but Communal always comes through! As it is one of my favorite restaurants in Utah County, I know that I can always count on Communal to have fresh, farm-to-table dishes and a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Brunch at Communal in Provo | femalefoodie.comBrunch at Communal in Provo | femalefoodie.comDinner at Communal is done family-style (hence the name of the restaurant), but their brunch menu offers individual plates as well as a variety of sides that can be mixed and matched. My friends and I took forever to order because, aside from perusing the extensive brunch menu, we just had too much to talk about! Luckily, our waitress didn’t mind us asking for a few more minutes every time she came over.

We did eventually order, but it wasn’t easy.

Brunch at Communal in Provo | femalefoodie.comWith the exception of a few seasonal dishes, the brunch menu at Communal stays pretty consistent year-round. Having tasted almost everything on said menu at least once, figuring out what to order is always quite a bit of, well, a tall order. This particular Saturday, I decided on the deep fried French toast, which is served with maple syrup and a blueberry compote, with a side of smoked bacon. It’s a lot of food, but something in me just can’t resist the sweet and salty combination! One friend ordered the chile verde with black beans, fried eggs, and salsa, while the other two got biscuits and gravy.

Other favorites from Communal’s brunch menu include the poached eggs in tomato sauce (more commonly known as eggs in purgatory), the pancetta hash, and the eggs Benedict. But, as I mentioned before, you really can’t go wrong. What I love about this menu is that, in addition to these traditional brunch items, heartier entrees are also available for those who go to brunch with the intention of merging all three meals of the day into one. From fried chicken, to salads, to steak and eggs, there’s something for everyone.

Brunch at Communal in Provo | femalefoodie.comIf you do happen to stop by Communal, ask if you can get a table by the window. There isn’t a bad seat in the restaurant, but the proximity of the restaurant to downtown Provo makes for some great people watching, especially on Saturday mornings.

For brunch, lunch, or dinner, Communal is the place to be!

Brunch at Communal in Provo | femalefoodie.comCommunal (102 N University Ave, Provo, UT // 801.373.8000)