Salt Lake City: Proper Burger Co.

You know those places where you honestly would be fine spinning in circles and randomly pointing to something on the menu, just because you want to try every single item? Proper Burger Co. is this kind of place. Whether you’re feeling sweet, savory, hot, or creamy, they’ve got a burger specialized just for you. Though it is a couple blocks off the popular downtown path, these guys kill it in the art of burgers.

A sister restaurant to Avenues Proper and Proper Brewing Co., Proper Burger Co. completes the trio. Knowing me, I am always down for a tasty, scrumptious burger and that is exactly what I got. We walked in, I looked at the menu, and knew that I’d have a hard time deciding which masterpiece I should chow down on. There were so many awesome choices!

Fortunately, the staff was very kind, inviting, and patient (great for me). The atmosphere reflected the employees, bright, hip, and happy. After some advice, we ordered the Proper Style and the Hipster. Don’t worry, of course, we obviously got a side of fries too!

Wow, these did not disappoint. First off, their bun is so fluffy and crisp.

You can tell that they place a lot of thought into the ingredients of each burger. Even their house made veggie patty that I placed on the Proper Style was satisfying! Each plate is unique, yet all-around delicious; each having their own taste and flare.

Oh, and the sauce that comes with the fries? Wow. You could eat that stuff plain.

So if you’re feeling a burger tonight, tomorrow, next week, or everyday, head over to Proper Burger Co.. The range of choices will satisfy any and every pallet. As they say, they’re “Never prim always PROPER!”

Proper Burger Co. (865 Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 // 801.906.8604)

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