Salt Lake City: Saffron Valley East India Cafe

Hi, my name’s Brooke, and I absolutely, unequivocally LOVE Indian food. Fun fact: I didn’t get my tastebuds on Indian food until I was 21 years old and lived in India for 8 weeks volunteering for Rising Star Outreach (incredible and life-changing organization) in 2012. I was staying in a village about two hours from Chennai and, first of all, had no idea that Indian people ate with their hands (#gogreen) and, secondly, was blown away by the incredible flavors of Indian food!

Long story short- I try to find as many places here in Salt Lake City that take me back to those precious weeks in Tamil Nadu and Saffron Valley East India Cafe is one of them. My husband and I ordered takeout a few months ago from here but decided that we needed to enjoy a full dining experience in house.

The service at Saffron Valley East India Cafe was friendly and prompt. Our server recommended we start with the Chicken 65, South Indian style crisp chicken poppers served with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce. We were absolutely starved and thought that this dish was a great appetizer before the mass conglomeration of Indian dishes to come . . .

And while we’re on the subject of ordering food at Indian restaurants, let it be known that Cody and I BOTH have issues with ordering anything other than our classic Indian favorites. Which usually looks like Chicken Coconut Korma and Lamb Tikka Masala (and which is exactly what we ordered for our meal at Saffron Valley).

We love ordering these dishes because they 100% hit the spot and unless I’m being really ambitious in the kitchen, they’re flavors that we simply can’t get anywhere else.

We were really impressed with how great of a job Saffron Valley East India Kitchen did at making these classic Indian dishes taste so incredible.

If you’re dining for two at Saffron Valley East India Cafe, I suggest ordering an appetizer and two entrees off their main menu. Other house favorites include the Three Saag and the Vindaloo. Make sure you order your curries and entrees with a hearty serving of garlic naan. It’s hot and fluffy, and quite frankly hits the spot like a good homemade Indian flatbread should.

Saffron Valley East India Cafe is a great spot to take Indian food lovers, folks that are new to the cuisine, and even friends that have professed themselves as “not a fan of curry”. They’re tucked away in one of my favorite Salt Lake City neighborhoods, The Avenues, and have a great space that can accommodate to large groups and parties. Thank you, Saffron Valley! Until next time.

Saffron Valley East India Cafe (26 E St E, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.203.3325)

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  1. I love Saffron Valley! You should try their butter chicken. My dad is from Tamil Nadu. That is so cool that you lived there for 8 weeks. I have a lot of family that lives there.