SZ-2SZ-8SZ-15I’ve been on a food television kick recently. I kid you not, I’m having trouble finding new shows to watch on Netflix. Any suggestions would be appreciated. But I recently started watching The Mind of A Chef with my husband and the first episode was about ramen noodles. Chef David Chang toured Japan to eat at the original ramen house and by the end of his bit, I was craving ramen like I never had before. So, we decided to head down to Sama Zama, a Japanese ramen house down in Westport, near a few of our other favorite restaurants.

SZ-13SZ-9SZ-3After walking in to hear video game theme songs, we noticed the fun Japanese sodas, anime comic books, and posters of Totora (and the cutest little octopus you ever did see!). We felt like we were in store for some traditional Japanese flavor. We decided to order a couple of different noodle plates and share, but we both had favorites by the end.

SZ-7SZ-16SZ-11After hearing about the thick and yummy noodles some ramen houses use, I couldn’t wait to dive into their udon noodles. They make their udon noodles fresh in-house, just as thick as you would want them. They were so thick and chewy, with the most wonderful flavor.

With a simple addition of chicken, carrots, and broccoli, it was a delicious noodle meal, one that we finished very quickly.

SZ-14SZ-6We also decided to get ramen in pork broth.

With delicious, melt-in your mouth pork, springy ramen noodles, and a topping of green onions and a hard-boiled egg, this was really hard to beat, especially for noodle soup lovers like ourselves. The noodles were really good (though udon noodles were my favorite), and the pork was even better. This was my husband’s favorite, and it disappeared before my eyes.

Though we absolutely loved what we got (in fact, we keep on talking about how we are going to get the same thing next time we go), we also kept smelling grilled asparagus from the table next to us that we were dying to try.

Be sure to go on Wednesday because you get 20% off of any ramen dish and 30% off noodle dishes! It’s a win-win for the noodle-lovers in our family.

SZ-18 SZ-20Sama Zama (425 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO // 816.756.3600)